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Title: Lennon’s Hope 
Series: Lennon’s Girls #3
Author: Chris Myers 
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance 17+ 
Publication Date: July 1st, 2014 
Publisher: BookOnTheEdge 
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Sometimes in love, you lose all control… 

At age ten, Rain fell hard for the sweet boy caring for his little sister. 

At age eighteen, she runs into Lennon, now an experienced player and no longer the innocent boy she once loved. 

At age nineteen, she has to put all her plans on hold to have his baby, and under a cloud of deception, she faces tragedy and heartbreak. 

At age ten, Lennon proposed to Rain in front of the whole school. 

At age eighteen, he thought he was over her until he sees her at a party, no longer a little girl but all grown-up and sexy as hell. 

At age nineteen, he loses everything he ever cared about. 

***WARNING: This book is New Adult Contemporary Romance and contains sexual content.

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~Book One~

Lennon’s Jinx 
(Lennon’s Girls #1)

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This book is amazing! I love Lennon and Jinx, and I'm so excited to read the next book, Lennon's Rain.  ~My status update posted right after I finished reading this book back in October 2013

Lennon and Jinx are two characters I loved getting to know. The story alternates between both of their points-of-view. There's much more to them than I first saw, and each layer is carefully peeled back to reveal the many layers of their personalities. Plus I loved that Lennon, this guy with a bad boy rep who takes care of his little sister, falls for the good girl Jinx. And I loved it even more when Jinx finds out Lennon's reputation doesn't touch the surface of who he really is. 

From first glance Lennon seems to be superficial and only care about himself, but then you look deeper and find out his number one concern is taking care of his younger sister, Currie, and making sure she doesn't have the kind of childhood he did. Their dad, Jonathan, is a rock star while their mom, Heather, is a former actress. Both chose a lifestyle with drugs, sex, and partying over taking care of their children. 

Lennon was eight when Currie was born, and from that point, he took on the responsibility of caring for her and sheltering her from their mother's behavior. Their parents split, and Heather is completely self-absorbed, having random guys over though she's under the mistaken assumption she and Jonathan will reconcile. 

However, Jonathan is involved with his former therapist, Denage, and shows no interest in getting back with Heather. With parents like them, it's amazing Lennon takes such good care of Currie - he never had good role models but knows more about what a child needs than both of them put together.    

Jinx, a fiery redhead honor student with a ton of musical talent, appears to have it all together on the outside but in actuality is falling apart on the inside. Her mother is gone all the time as a traveling pharmaceutical rep, her stepfather is a an abusive monster, and she can't get her mother to believe her over her stepfather. I've never understood women who believe men over their children, especially since it's so obvious to me that he goes out of his way to try to find dirt on Jinx to get her in trouble.  

Lennon's little sister, Currie, is a miniature adult at the age of ten. She makes sure Lennon takes care of himself, gives him advice about girls (much to my amusement!), and is a little firecracker bundled in cuteness. She's grown up with the little girl next door, Zoe, who has recently found out her cancer has come back in full force. The strength Currie possesses in being there for Zoe is amazing after everything she's endured with her parents lacking the ability to be parents. If it weren't for Lennon, I don't think she'd be so well adjusted.  

I was sad for Jinx and the pain she lives with. I rooted for her to find a way to live a better life, a life where she could be happy and peaceful. It was realistic and understandable that she had trust issues with Lennon. When she joined his band, they ended up making a great team together. She decided to take a chance and be there for him when he goes through one of the hardest weeks of his life, and I loved them together. Their relationship developed slowly but surely, and I'm excited to see where it will go in the next book, Lennon's Rain

My Rating:

~ Book Two ~

Lennon’s Rain 
(Lennon’s Girls #2)

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Chris Myers spends most of her free time writing and dreaming up new characters who fight each other for page time. She is an award-winning author of five published novels: LENNON'S JINX and LENNON'S RAIN, first two in a New Adult romance trilogy, and DATE WITH THE DEAD and DEAD AND MISSING, first two in a YA paranormal mystery series, and a dark thriller. 

Chris's work has appeared in the NewsMag and has earned several awards including first place Paul Gillette, Colorado Gold finalist, and semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She has taught writing workshops for PPW and Delve Writing and was an adjunct professor at CSU.

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