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Strange and Ever After (#3) by Susan Dennard ~ Blitz: Excerpt & Giveaway!

IFB is hosting the promo tour for the third and final book in Susan Dennard's steampunk, zombie trilogy. Continue below for a sample and a cool giveaway.

17902141Series: Something Strange & Deadly #3
Release date: July 22nd 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Purchase: Amazon | B&N

Synopsis via Goodreads:
In the conclusion to the trilogy that Publishers Weekly called “a roaring—and addictive—gothic world,” Eleanor Fitt must control her growing power, face her feelings for Daniel, and confront the evil necromancer Marcus...all before it’s too late.

He took her brother, he took her mother, and now, Marcus has taken her good friend Jie. With more determination than ever to bring this sinister man to justice, Eleanor heads to the hot desert streets of nineteenth-century Egypt in hopes of ending this nightmare. But in addition to her increasingly tense relationships with Daniel, Joseph, and her demon, Oliver, Eleanor must also deal with her former friend, Allison, who has curiously entangled herself in Eleanor’s mission.

With the rising dead chomping at her every move and Jie’s life hanging in the balance, Eleanor is convinced that her black magic will see her through to the bitter end. But there will be a price. Though she and the Spirit Hunters have weathered every battle thus far, there will be consequences to suffer this time—the effects of which will be irreversible. And when it’s over, only some will be able to live a strange and ever after.

Susan Dennard will leave readers breathless and forever changed in the concluding pages of this riveting ride.


Click here for the series recap at Epic Reads. *Caution: Spoilers if you haven't read the first two books!!*

Click here to read the first 66 pages of Strange and Ever After!


Susan Dennard
About the Author
Susan Dennard is a writer turned marine biologist turned writer again. Strange and Ever After is the conclusion to her trilogy, which includes A Darkness Strange and Lovely and Something Strange and Deadly. Among the traits she shares with her heroine Eleanor are a weakness for Shakespeare quotes, a healthy appetite for baked goods, and an insatiable curiosity. Sadly, Susan does not get to wear a corset or wave a parasol on a daily basis.

The Complete Series

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Fear Me Not by Sara Wolf ~ Blog Tour: Review, Giveaway & Excerpt

Title: Fear Me Not
Series: The Eve Chronicles #1
Author: Sara Wolf
Release date: June 20th 2014
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Source: Review copy

Tour hosted by: Romance Addict Book Blog

The aliens crash-landed on Earth eleven years ago. And now, sixteen-year-old Victoria Hale feeds them. With her emotions.

Victoria is an EVE - an Emotion Vesicle Engraft - and one of few humans who are genetically capable of producing emotions for the Gutters to feed on. She's doing it for the money - her sister Alisa needs a good doctor, and fast. But what she didn't count on was being sent to the world's first desegregated high school for Gutters and humans. She didn't count on the paparazzi, the protestors, or the insane Gutter politics and government secrets. She didn't count on the crimson-eyed Gutter prince with an intriguing heart of cold iron, either.

She especially didn't count on murder.

But it's counting on her.

“I’m sorry,” Shadus’ voice says.

My eyes slide over – Shadus is standing right next to me, leaning on the bookshelf. I close my eyes and sigh.

“Don’t be. It’s me. Something’s wrong with me. I don’t know how to react like a normal person. Jeers, whispers, sneers, those are fine. I ignore them, punch something to make them hurt less. Compliments? I don’t know what to do with those.”

“You’re different. That’s not necessarily bad,” He offers. His long fingers skim over a row of books and he picks one out, flipping through the pages. “More literature in which the protagonist kisses his interest. Is it all your human writers are interested in? It hardly seems worthy enough to devote entire books to.”

 “It’s not so bad,” I defend. “Kissing.”

“You speak from experience?” He asks.

“Second grade during the school play. Arnold Grady. We were backstage, behind the curtain. I thought it was a good time to go for it.”

“It was enjoyable, then?”

“Too wet.” I laugh, the memory burning like an old tattoo of embarrassment. “He was shorter than me - all the boys were. They’ve only started catching up this year, really.”

“I’m jealous.”

I raise an eyebrow. “What? Of the short boys?”

“Of your kiss. You speak of it fondly. Even if it was lacking technique, you still remember it. It must have been an important experience. I assume I will never know that sort of feeling - ”

I step into him. He jolts back, hitting the bookshelf. It shakes, and settles. I point up at him.

“Be thankful. You guys have the ceremony of flame. You don’t waste time with petty shit and he-likes-her-she-likes-him crap. Your future is arranged by your family. But us? Humans? We fish around blindly in a pool of seven billion people, hoping one of them isn’t too crazy or too incompatible with us, and we get so desperate that when we find someone we can stand for two minutes we decide to marry them for life, when in reality they’re all wrong for us. But we keep pretending they’re right, until we can’t anymore, and then we divorce them or break up and we get up and try again, and again, and it chips away at our tiny human hearts.”

He stares at me intently, as if I’m lecturing him and he’s trying his hardest to learn something from it. I snort.

“You’re lucky, Creeps. All you Gutters are lucky.”

“What you call ‘lucky’, I call ‘boring’,” Shadus says. “The human way of things may be more painful, but it sounds much more fun.”

I stride up to him, get in his face. His chest is rising and falling, his fists balled up. His ruby eyes stare down at me.

“Don’t do it,” He murmurs.

“Do what?”  I singsong.

He struggles with something inside himself, a pained look coming over his expression.

“Victoria -”

I press my head into the cradle where his neck meets his shoulder.

Fear Me Not is the first book I've read by Sara Wolf and was as fabulous as I've heard many readers describe her books to be. I'm drawn to YA stories with aliens though I haven't read many, and this story was entertaining and engaging - I flew through it in one sitting. 

Victoria hates the aliens, who have been nicknamed "Gutters" since their source of food comes from human emotions collected in an organ implanted in, well, your gut. She's been implanted with one in exchange for money which will help improve her family's quality of life. Her mother died at a rally protesting the Gutters, and Victoria's hatred for the Gutters stems from her grief over losing her mother, which was understandable to me. I can't imagine how I would feel if aliens landed right here right now. 

The way the government handles the precarious relationship between humans and Gutters was realistic in my opinion. I could just see the government jumping all over themselves trying to convince us these aliens are harmless when it would be impossible to know they can be trusted 100%. Even though it's been eleven years without attacks, I still would be leery. 

I don't come across books too often with such beautiful writing. I don't know how else to describe it. The writing drew me in to the story, and I was so completely engrossed in what I was reading, I forgot they were words on a page. They became more than that to me; I was just that present in the story. 

The interactions between Victoria and her Gutter partner, Shadus, were hilarious and snarky. It was rewarding to see their walls begin to crumble. I couldn't get over how much alike they were in terms of their being hostile towards the other race and knew they happened to be perfectly paired up to learn that you can't judge someone by what they look like or their race. 

Fear Me Not leaves you with one hell of a cliffhanger, so be prepared for that. It was definitely worth the read for me, and I don't mind waiting for the next one. If the second book is anything like this one, it'll be well worth the wait. 

My Rating: 

Sara Wolf is the author of the LOVELY VICIOUS series and FEAR ME NOT, the first book in The EVE Chronicles, a YA/Sci-Fi series. She’s currently working on the final book in the LOVELY VICIOUS series. She’s addicted to the Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, True Detective, pink Starbursts, pizza, and damaged heroes. For additional books, news, teasers, and giveaways, visit her at or

Life meets death. The end meets the beginning. 

Eighteen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, forty-three weeks, and two days. Or so she thinks.

The boy she maybe-sort-of-definitely loved has dropped off the face of the planet after his girlfriend's death, leaving a Jack-shaped hole. Determined to be happy, Isis fills it in with lies and puts on a brave smile for her new life at Ohio State University.

But how long can that smile last with all of her friends gone?

How long can it last with the guilt of Sophia's death crushing her?

And how long can it really last when Will Cavanaugh attends the same school, taunting her?

Isis is good at pretending everything is okay. But not that good. The cracks begin to show.

Isis Blake is good at putting herself back together.

But Jack Hunter is better.

**This book contains language and sexual scenes, some of which may be unsuitable for younger readers. 

**This is the third and final book in the LOVELY VICIOUS series.


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Feature & Follow #54 ~ Netflix Binges

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Q:  What's your favorite TV series that you can watch over and over again on Netflix? 

A: Okay, get ready for a looonnnnggg answer, lol! 

  • Doctor Who (the reboot)
  • Buffy
  • The Walking Dead
  • Heroes
  • Adventure Time
  • Portlandia
  • Star Trek (the original series)
  • The Office (American version)
  • Transformers (original series & new series)
  • MLP: Friendship is Magic

I missed this question a couple of weeks ago and can't resist answering it (it mentions the TARDIS, it MUST be answered, lol!). 

Q:  If you had a time machine (i.e. a TARDIS), where would you go? 

A: Wherever the Doctor will take me. Just kidding! ;) I'd want to go to the 60's. I have a lot of love for the music of that era and am interested in the culture - the protests, free love, the Vietnam War, and African Americans fighting against discrimination and segregation. A lot was going on then all at once, and I'd want to see it for myself.

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Evolution: HEX (#3) by S.A. Huchton ~ Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Evolution: HEX Blog Tour hosted by RBTL World of Books Blog Tours! Click here to follow along with the full tour schedule. 

Title: Evolution: HEX
Series: The Evolution Series #3
Author: S.A. Huchton
Genre: Adult Superhero Romance
Release Date: July 6th 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print

Purchase: Amazon 

A lie is a prison without bars.

A captive of the enemy, Candace is forced to confront mistakes and regrets from both sides of the battlefield, including her own. Nothing is simple, and lines in the sand that were once clear have become blurred and indistinguishable. Even the unlikely love she found teeters on the edge of uncertainty.

The truth is not always what it seems, and can be a prison of its own. 

Alone, she must decide where she stands. Alone, she must decide who to trust. 

When the smoke clears, what's left might not be much...

But it might be enough.

I really can't get enough of this series - there are superheroes, hot romance, action, friendship, a kick ass heroine, and the lines between what's right and what's wrong are blurred, just like in real life. In Evolution: HEX, Candace wakes up to find she's been kidnapped and drugged. She has to deal with heartbreaking consequences in the aftermath of actions taken by someone she loves.    

This book tore me apart with the emotional torment and pain Candace worked through. But she's so strong and logical - she can think through her problems rationally, and she has a healthy way of dealing with stress - going swimming as she can control the element of water.  

I really loved how the lines aren't clear between right and wrong with not just the ANGEL Project but also the HEX group. Both groups have positives and negatives, and there are no easy answers with the issues they face. I could see everyone's point of view equally well, and I wasn't on anyone's side except Candace's. She's smart and fearless, and I had every confidence she'd figure things out.   

I think a revolution is going to start up with Candace at the helm. She's proven herself to be a leader, someone others can look up to, learn from, and follow. Until the next book comes out, I'll be dying from the wait!    

My Rating:

Book One

Click here for my review!

Book Two

Click here for my review!

A geek of all trades, Starla Huchton has been crafting stories in various genres since 2007. Her first novel, The Dreamer's Thread, was released as a full cast audiobook podcast, becoming a double-nominee and finalist for the 2010 Parsec Awards. After releasing short fiction of steampunk, noir fantasy, and other varieties, she released the first three books of the Sci-Fi Romance Endure series in 2013. All three books of the Evolution series will be released in 2014, as well as a Steampunk Fantasy novel, Master of Myth (the Antigone's Wrath series, book 1), which was the first place winner of the Crested Butte Writers' contest, The Sandy, in 2012. 

When not writing, Starla trains three Minions, a black lab, and a military husband whilst designing book covers for independent authors and publishers at Designed by Starla.   

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