June 29, 2012

the stylish blogger award

A few days ago, I was given The Stylish Blogger Award by Alyssa at Life is Good. A big thank you to Alyssa! To accept this award, you have to answer the nine questions below about yourself.

1. What's your favorite song?
Right now, I can't stop listening to "Comeback Kid" by Sleigh Bells. It's  driving my family crazy. :D
2. What's your favorite dessert?
3. When you're upset, what do you do?
I try to come up with solutions to the problem that's making me upset, usually by making a list. I sometimes write about it in my journal, especially if it feels like there are a lot of things piled up that are bothering me. If I can, I listen to music also.
4. What was your favorite pet?
Before my current pets, my favorite was my dog, Jessie. I was in high school when we gave her a home. She was about a couple of years old at the time. The couple who owned her were getting a divorce, and the husband was abusing her to get back at his wife. She was a pure bred English Springer Spaniel, and the sweetest, most gentle dog ever! My sister used to put sunglasses, a hat, and a scarf on her to take pictures, and she just let her. She died from cancer about six or seven years ago. She was the best!  
5. What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
I prefer to wear black because any time I wear white, it seems like I end up spilling something on it. Plus, black is slimming and punk! :D
6. What is your biggest fear?
Public speaking most definitely!
7. What is your attitude mostly?
I don't know, I just usually have one, lol.
8. What is perfection to you?
My idea of perfection is being able to live in the moment and appreciate it without worrying about the past or future.
9. What is your guilty pleasure?
My soap operas--The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. I've been watching soaps since the womb!! <3
Well, my questions are answered, so here are my nominees for The Stylish Blogger Award! :)
Jona Babez
Team Indie Pubbed!
sc langgle
Winged Reviews
Reviewing Shelf

June 28, 2012

the versatile blogger award

One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah @ The Writer's Experiment , recently nominated me for this award. Thank you for your support, Sarah! You're awesome!

1. Nominate 15 others for the award and inform them with a comment on each of their blogs.
2. Create a post for the Versatile Blogger Award.
3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
5. In the same post, include this set of rules.

7 Completely Random Pieces of Information About Me

1. I cried every morning before school and didn't want to go when I was in 5th grade because I was being bullied.

2. Every year, I get new glasses from Lenscrafters with my tax refund. My glasses have been slightly but noticeably crooked for over three months now, but I'm too lazy to drive down to the mall to get them fixed. :/

3. I was obsessed with Thundercats when I was little. One time, I was sick, and my mom told me she'd bring me home a toy. I asked for Lion-O's sword and was disappointed when she brought home a Jem doll, although I loved Jem just as much.

4. I grew up in a conservative, Republican family but ended up becoming liberal and a Democrat, lol.

5. I had just turned 30 years old when I got my Hello Kitty punk rocker tattoo!

6. When I was in high school, I dressed in "grunge." :D

7. I have no patience for horrible drivers!

And my 15 nominations are in no particular order:
1. Katrina from Kindred Dreamheart
2. Sarah from Bookish Sarah
3. Caleb J. Ross from The World's First Author Blog
4. Ashley from Ashley Loves Books
5. Cassandra from Cassandra's Reviews
6. Dana from DanaSquare
7. Starry from Journeys and Journals
8. Vivian from Vivaciously, Vivian
9. Agnes from Beader Bubbe's Shop
10. Alivia Anders from Alivia Anders
11. Lisa Shafer from Lisa Shafer: A Writer's Blog
12. angel6171 from Books and Movies
13. Jeff Bennington from The Writing Bomb
14. Alex J. Cavanaugh from Alex J. Cavanaugh
15. Michael Pierce from Michael Pierce Books

If you've already received this award, then that's cool, I want to give it to you again! Plus, you may gain some new followers! :D

June 27, 2012

WiW ~ one book at a time vs. multiple books at a time


This is a new weekly meme hosted by Lauren from Epilogue Review. Each week there will be a something vs. something topic for you to post your thoughts about. Make sure to visit Lauren at her awesome blog, Epilogue Review, and also check out the other nifty blogs also participating. :)

Comments below with your thoughts are always appreciated! :)

The topic this week: Reading one book at a time vs. Reading multiple books at a time

I now prefer to read multiple books at a time. They can't be similar at all or else I begin to mix up storylines. :)  I used to read one book at a time because I worried I wouldn't enjoy the book as much if I didn't completely focus on it. However, I've found reading multiple books to be advantageous, especially because I like to not only read books I've received for review but also books my group on Goodreads is reading. The most I can read at a time is four. Any more than that is overwhelming. :)

Which do you prefer? One book at a time or multiple books? How many books can you read at a time, and how many would be too much?

Coming up on Thursday 6/28:
I've received two blog awards over the weekend, and I'll share them with you tomorrow! :D

June 26, 2012


Here's the poem I entered into the World Poetry Movement contest that I promised to share! :)

The sky emptied its tears on me today
Sometimes the heavy burden is too much to bear.
I'm drowning in that lake the rest of you call self-pity
Hopelessly drifting among my cries no one ever hears or answers.
Life is like some twisted movie
Too bad we aren't the ones writing the script.
We all know the inevitable end.
Terror and disgust rise in my throat
But I choke them back down and walk on.

Copyright 2012 by Jennifer Ricketts
Please do not use any part of my work unless permission is granted. Thank you.

I had to give up on my cell phone sending pictures to add to this post. :/ I searched the web but couldn't find any photos of this particular book. The cover is so cool...I really wanted to share it! Ah well.

Here's how this poem came about--at the time I was working at Goody's in the stockroom, a clothing store that was between my home and college. I was nineteen or twenty years old at the time and did a lot of thinking while working since I didn't have much interaction with customers. I was on my way up to collect the trash and empty hangers from the cash registers near closing time one night when the first couple of lines popped into my head. I gathered up the trash and hangers as fast as I could and ran to the back of the store, heading for the break room. I found scrap paper and wrote down the words before I lost them. The rest of the poem took shape that night when I went home.

I went over and over it, changing a couple things here and there, and working on making it into a piece of work I could be proud of. That's exactly what it became, and almost twelve to thirteen years later, I'm still very happy and satisfied with what I produced.

That was a period of time in my life when I was struggling with the next phase of my life--attending college, deciding what to do with my life, and becoming an independent adult. I was also struggling heavily with the weight from the loss of my mother five years before composing this poem. I literally felt as though I were drowning in grief and melancholy. This helped me explain how I was feeling to my family and friends in a way that resonated more than if I had just tried to simply explain my feelings. I had never been so inspired and ended up writing several more poems. Those need some work to shape them into pieces I can be proud of, too.

So there you have it! :) Any constructive criticism, comments, questions are welcome. Don't be afraid to tell me the truth! I need it! :D

June 20, 2012

happy birthday

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday, Mom. Today you would've been 57. It's strange to me that it's been 17 years since you've been gone. That's over half my life now. Words could never express how much I miss you. There is never a day that goes by where I don't think about you, wondering if you know what's going on here, and if you're happy where you are.

I think about the milestones in my life you had to miss--graduating from high school, getting married, having kids, graduating from college. There's a lot more that you're going to miss, too, and that's where so much of my sadness and anger come from. I don't know why you were taken from us so early. I always knew you died too young, but now that I am approaching 40, I have a new understanding of just how young you were than I did at the age of 14.

I want you to know how much you are loved and missed, and how badly I ache for the times here that we won't have.

All my love,

WiW ~ action adventure vs. romance


This is a new weekly meme hosted by Lauren from Epilogue Review. Each week there will be a something vs. something topic for you to post your thoughts about. Make sure to visit Lauren at her awesome blog, Epilogue Review, and also check out the other nifty blogs also participating. :)

Comments below with your thoughts are always appreciated! :)

The topic this week: Action-adventure vs. Romance

I think I'm an action-adventure girl. My sister laughs at me because I refuse to see overly romantic movies, such as The Notebook. As soon as I see a preview for a movie such as that, I'm like, "Ick."

When I visit the bookstore, you will never find me in the romance section. :)  I just really don't like sappy, unrealistic love stories. If I'm reading a book where there happens to be romance in it, that's cool with me, even though I'm not a fan of romance as a genre. Romance (in novels that aren't strictly classified as romance only) is great fun to read about if it's portrayed realistically and done right.

How about you? Are you an action-adventure reader, or do you prefer romance novels?

June 18, 2012

my promise!

I've been trying all weekend to get my phone to cooperate with giving me photos I can work with and add to my next post, which is my poem. I didn't forget my promise to share! I don't want to post my poem until I'm able to add my photos along with it. Hopefully, my phone will cooperate very soon. It is NOT a Smartphone (yep, I meant that as a pun). :D

June 14, 2012

the contest

I entered a World Poetry Movement contest, received a letter stating my poem had been chosen to be published in their next anthology, and was thrilled. I had my doubts when they asked me to pay for the book and thought it was strange that they weren't sending me a copy for free. My husband was so proud of me and knew how excited I was and how much this meant to me, so he bought a copy for us.

I soon found another writer on Twitter who had also entered the contest and had also received a letter that he would be published. He sent me a link to an article about writing contests to watch out for, and this contest was one of them. Writing contests should not require the entrant to purchase anything. I still felt okay because I had pretty much figured out on my own that something wasn't quite right, thus the reason I used Twitter to seek out anyone else who had also entered this contest. 

The book just came in the mail on Monday, and it looks even better than I thought it would. I will post a picture of the cover as soon as I can--I really like it. The way I feel about this whole experience is actually positive. I was surprised and touched by how supportive and excited my husband was even when I shared my doubts about this being a true contest. He didn't care; he still wanted the book.

Seeing my poem printed in a book with an entire page dedicated to my work has given me twice the amount of motivation to keep going, to keep working as hard as I can to reach my goal of becoming an author. This is a victory for me, a small one, but a victory nonetheless. I am proud of this accomplishment. I wrote this poem over ten years ago, and I still find it one of my best pieces to this day.

I would like to share my poem with all of you, and I will tomorrow!

June 13, 2012

WiW ~ Kindle vs. Nook

This is a new weekly meme hosted by Lauren from Epilogue Review. Each week there will be a something vs. something topic for you to post your thoughts about. Make sure to visit Lauren at her blog, Epilogue Review, and she has a link if you'd like to use her picture (shown above). Comments below with your thoughts are always appreciated! :)

The topic this week: Kindle vs. Nook

I'm biased on this one since I'm a Kindle owner; however, I did consider all of my options before buying a Kindle. I checked out the Nook but thought it would be better for my kids than me. I'd like to get them a Nook color soon. I did make a mistake and bought a Kindle Touch instead of a Kindle Fire. I wish I had gotten a Kindle Fire basically just so I can read magazines on it. It isn't fun to read magazines without color for me, lol. And I must say that I do have to switch from my Kindle to an actual book I can hold in my hands whether it's paperback or hard cover. I could never just exclusively use an ereader. :D

What do you think? Is the Kindle for you or the Nook?

June 8, 2012

IWSG #1 ~ June 2012

Thanks to a suggestion from Michael Pierce, (thank you thank you for connecting me to this great resource!) he helped me connect with The Insecure Writer's Support Group from Alex J. Cavanaugh 's blog. On the first Wednesday of each month, you can write a post on your own blog expressing any concerns and fears you have about writing. Go to Mr. Cavanaugh's blog to sign up for the group, and you will also find many blogs from other writers to follow, read their posts, and comment on what they say with encouraging words of your own. I'm a couple days late with this post, but I thought better late than never.

For at least ten years, I have been attempting to write a memoir about grieving the losses of close family members while trying to grow up at the same time. It's taken me a long time to realize this, but I am my own worst enemy. Before, I thought I had all the confidence in the world in my writing, but I've slowly come to realize that simply is not true. In fact, I am afraid of putting my writing out there because that means I'm also putting "me" out there, making myself emotionally vulnerable. I was even afraid to begin a blog when over a year ago my husband suggested having one might be a good place to start up some serious writing. I finally began this blog in January of this year.

At first, I began to think I wasn't meant to write about my life--what about it would be interesting to others? I thought maybe those family members felt I was using them for my own personal gain. I no longer think this is true. My reasons for wanting to write about my life aren't selfish, and my heart is in the right place. I'd just like to get my words out there, and who knows? Perhaps by reading about my struggles with grief and learning how to "go on" with my life, I might be comforting someone else, saving them from years of pain and suffering. That would make it all worth while to me.

June 6, 2012

WiW ~ Graphic Novels vs. Traditional Novels

This is a new weekly meme hosted by Lauren from Epilogue Review. Each week there will be a something vs. something topic for you to post your thoughts about. Make sure to visit Lauren at her blog, Epilogue Review, and she has a link if you'd like to use her picture (shown above). Comments below with your thoughts are always appreciated! :)

The topic this week: Graphic Novels vs. Traditional Novels

This one is pretty easy for me--I prefer traditional novels. I only have one graphic novel, and it's the first volume of Twilight, which is actually better than the book itself. I do love the drawings in graphic novels; I wish I could draw like that!

But most of the time, I can be found with a traditional novel. There are so many I've read, and so many I have yet to read. Let's just say that I hope the world really doesn't end this year because my to-be-read list is out of control, yet there are so many books on there that I'm looking forward to getting into! :)

Do you prefer Graphic Novels or Traditional Novels?

June 5, 2012

summer break

My daughter's last day of school for the year was last Wednesday, May 30th. I'm so happy, and so is she! She's a huge help with her little brother, our puppy, and she's really great to be around. She really brightens my day. We're both looking forward to reading and sleeping in when we can. :)

She's currently reading Mockingjay and If I Stay. She's already asking me if I have any recommendations of what she can read next. :) I saw her teacher at a garage sale where I was (what else?) buying books. She told me my daughter can read at a seventh grade level, and my daughter has just finished third grade. She's an awesome little reader, and I could not be prouder of her. :)

Besides reading as much as possible, I'd like to take the kids to the pool, to the park, on bike rides, out for walks with our puppy...we didn't get out a lot last summer, and I think we really need to this time around. Plus, there are always really cool stuff going on at our local library, and the kids both have friends we can have over.

So basically, I'm hoping for a really awesome summer not just for me but for the kids as well. I'm excited to spend time with them doing fun things and going fun places, and I like not having to worry about having a specific schedule since I'm more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person. :)

There should be plenty of mini-adventures to read about here, so keep tuning in. I appreciate all of you and hope you're having a great summer, too! :D

June 4, 2012

Fun or None? Shock Me Saturday

Day 7 of Fun or None hosted by Nikki @ Fiction Freak !

Participating bloggers:
Jessica @ Just a Booklover
Paulina @ Kissed/Bitten by books
Karis Jacobstein @ YA Litwit
Ria @ The Beaucoup Review
Dana @ DanaSquare

Shock Me Saturday ~ 5 random, surprising facts about me

~My favorite food is sushi. I am a sushi fiend!! <3
~I believe there could totally be a zombie apocalypse! :O
~I still prefer paperbacks even though I own a Kindle. :D
~I wish I had been in high school during the 70's. ;)
~No matter how many times I've seen these movies, I always cry at the end of 50 First Dates and Donnie Darko. :`(

What are some surprising facts about you?

Fun or None? Finally Friday!!

Day 6 of Fun or None hosted by Nikki @ Fiction Freak !

Participating bloggers:
Jessica @ Just a Booklover
Paulina @ Kissed/Bitten by books
Karis Jacobstein @ YA Litwit
Ria @ The Beaucoup Review
Dana @ DanaSquare

Finally Friday ~ Ten books I'm counting down the days until they come out and why!

I am so sorry to be late with this! It's obviously not Friday but just about Monday! Here are my ten anyway, not in any particular order--better late than never! :/

Karen Thompson Walker
Expected Publication: June 26 
I won an ARC of this earlier this year and was so excited to be one of the first to read it. It's an awesome book, and I can't wait until many many readers have the chance to devour it. I have a feeling this book is going to do very well. :D

The Casual Vacancy
J.K. Rowling 
Expected Publication: Sept 27 
I'm dying to see what her next book will be like since it'll be for adults rather than younger readers.

Ally Condie
Expected Publication: Nov 13
First of all, I just want to say whoa!! November is a long time to wait, and I'll probably end up reading the first two again to get back into the groove. I wish this was coming out in the summer! :D 

Diana Rowland
Expected Publication: July 3 
I bought the first book, My Life as a White Trash Zombie, just a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to read it, but even though I haven't had a chance to read the first one yet, I'm already dying (pun intended) for the second one! 

Marissa Meyer
Cover not yet revealed
Expected Publication: Feb 5 2013 
Once again, I haven't read Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1), but I am so excited to read both. I just know I'll love them; they sound like they're right up my alley. :D 

Amy Reed
Expected Publication: June 12 
Not too many days from now, this book will officially be out, and I've heard so many good things about it. Plus, I can relate--I'm a little crazy myself. :D 

Susan Dennard
Expected Publication: July 24 
I love the cover! The plot sounds really good, too! Can't wait for this one to come out.

M. Beth Bloom
Expected Publication: July 24 
This book had me at Diet Coke and "gangs of the undead."

Tara A. Fuller
Expected Publication: Aug 14
This series is about a reaper and a young girl who fall for each other. I'm excited for this one--I love the cover, the plot sounds good, and the characters seem like they're gonna be awesome. :D

What soon-to-be-published books are you anxiously waiting for?