August 21, 2012

double edition of soapy sundays #4 & #5 continued

Soapy Sundays #5

Week of 8/13-8/17

Finally! Lily and Cane are on the show again! I've been wondering where they've been, although I don't get this mystery with his mom at all. What's going on? Is Cane's sister really alive? Is his mom pretending to be terrorized by someone?

Yay! Adam/Chelsea & Kevin/Chloe are on again, too, working together on their new Internet business venture. I don't even care about the business side of the story--I just want to see these couples interact. It's very interesting how much animosity Kevin has for Adam and funny how Adam just laughs him off. Makes me laugh, too.

Nick ends up having to pull his ex-wife now stepmom and his bio mom apart from each other, lol! Only on soaps! Go Nick! LOL! They were fighting over Victor's papers if I recall correctly. Nikki had sent Sharon a fake text from Victor's cell telling Sharon their marriage was a mistake and that it's over. Nikki admits sending the fake text to Sharon, who's completely appalled. Nikki, why are you stooping to Sharon's level? You're a classy lady (except when it comes to Victor) and shouldn't do something like this. It's just not you. And why aren't you home with your new husband, Jack? Why is he alone?

And how many times has Victor taken off alone without a word to anyone? A lot! So why is everyone freaking out? He's done this at least two or three times before. It's really selfish of him to make his family worry about him like this. Sharon burned their prenup before Nikki admitted to sending that fake text, so when he does come home, all hell's gonna break loose, just see!

Once Nikki finally goes home to Jack, he surprises her with a planned honeymoon. She tells him she can't go, and he tells her if she's going to continue looking for Victor, they're pretty much done. She walks out anyway. *sigh* I'd much rather see Nikki with Jack than with Victor. Yeah, they're a supercouple, but Victor doesn't appreciate Nikki like I think Jack would. Jack just wants to be married and in love, poor guy! Romance just doesn't seem to work out for this guy!

I felt some tears when Summer told Phyllis how much she needs her after Phyllis lost her cool and blew up at her, telling her to shut up. I figured Phyllis was gonna crack sooner or later--she's facing so much right now and is trying to take it all on alone. Just admit to Nick you need his help. It'd be so easy, and that's what you're supposed to do when you're married or am I crazy?

Ack! Tim died in Phyllis's apartment. Great! Now she's really dug a hole for herself. Omg.

I like this feisty side of Sharon. I hope we get to see this side of her for a while! Although, she is being spurred on by Tucker. He just wants to stick it to Victor, and he may be using Sharon to do it, but I don't want to think of him using her. I want them in a relationship, lol.

Victor gets into a fight wherever the hell he is, and he looks like crap afterward. Victor, you're one tough guy, but you're also getting up there in age, much as I hate to say that. You can still kick ass, but you also had a heart transplant just a few years ago remember?

Hopefully I'll get next week's soapy sundays post up on time and can't wait to see what happens this week. Ciao!

August 20, 2012

double edition of soapy sundays #4 & #5

Soapy Sundays #4

Since my sister went into the hospital on 8/8 to have her baby, I was with her most of the time and caught up on "The Young and the Restless" when she was released from the hospital. I haven't been able to catch up with "The Bold and the Beautiful" or "General Hospital" yet, so this soapy Sunday will be about Y&R! :D

Week of 8/6-8/10
I loved how Victor abandoned Sharon on their wedding night, which she then decided to get drunk after realizing her new husband ditched her. Tucker showed up, saying he had a business meeting scheduled with Victor, but I don't know...sounds fishy to me! I think TPTB want to team up Tucker and Sharon, which is totally fine by me--I like them together. I'm sorry Ashley divorced Tucker--I was hoping they could be happy for a while, and Ashley was good for Tucker.

The best part about Sharon's drunkenness was when she crashes Jack and Nikki's wedding reception, which really pisses Nikki off (it would've pissed me off too!). Sharon and Nikki get into a heated argument, which ends with Nikki pushing Sharon into the pool! I'm loving these huge knock-down-drag-out fights between those two...keeps me laughing! All I could think was that Sharon crashed the wedding AND crashed into the pool, lol.

Tucker and Sharon come close to sleeping together, and though she's married to Victor, we all know he only married her to try to get under Nikki's skin since she married Jack. How much more obvious could Victor have gotten? He married Sharon on his private jet the same day Nikki and Jack tied the knot. Honestly, I'd rather see Sharon and Tucker together. At least Tucker isn't the grandfather of Sharon's kids!!

Omg, Phyllis, will you please just tell Nick the truth! He can help you out of this--he's a Newman for pete's sake with powerful connections. Nope, instead Phyllis decides to borrow the outrageous amount of money her former psychiatrist is demanding from her to not turn in her taped confession concerning the hit-and-run from almost twenty years ago. And she takes the money from her daughter Summer's trust fund! That just makes it that much worse! Of course Nick finds out and is super pissed at Phyllis, and I don't blame him at all. She just keeps digging the hole deeper. P.S.-Phyllis is right...the new "Restless Style" reality show is a snoozefest. Why is this a storyline again? Billy should change the name of the magazine and show from "Restless Style" to "Restless Gossip" lol.

I can't get over how good the new Heather is on the show. I wish I could remember the actress's name. She was Gwen on "As the World Turns", which was one of my faves from that show. I still miss ATWT like crazy! She just fit right in as Paul's daughter, and there is no denying her talent in being able to do that. I love Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca from All My Children), but I think Y&R should have brought her on as a completely new character and not as Heather. The role wasn't right for the talented actress.

I love the actress playing Eden and the incredible job she's doing with the role as Michael and Kevin's sister.  I believe she's the third actress playing the part, and she's fabulous. I like how she's involved in a major storyline *finally* since she's come back to town, and she did a great job with the hypnosis scenes. I imagine that would be hard to pull off. It does seem like the show isn't sure what to do with her character relationship wise. She was kind of with Daniel, kind of with Noah, and now is kind of with Kyle. I haven't warmed up to Kyle yet (Kyle is Jack's son). They quickly aged him along with Summer (Phyllis and Nick's daughter). I like Summer a lot, but Kyle is bratty and it doesn't make sense that he feels so much animosity towards his father. He didn't leave that way before the character was aged. I do, however, like Kyle when he is with Eden. He's really protective of her and was concerned the hypnosis was too much for her. I hope they become a couple so he can become more likable, lol. Would the court even accept hypnosis as evidence to clear Paul's name? In the real world no, in soap land, probably. Eden wasn't able to recover all of her memories from the night Paul shot Ricky, so I'm wondering if they'll try the hypnosis therapy again.

Then we come to the last moment of Friday's (the 10th) episode--Victor has taken off again and is hanging out unloading ships. No care in the world, not even for his family, who are worried sick about him. Nikki even wonders if he's been kidnapped. He had a heart transplant a few years ago, so I would be more concerned about his health than anything else. Then again, he's also done this taking off thing before--hello Adam! Back in the day, Victor took off without a word to anyone and went to Kansas, where he met Hope and fell in love with her. They had a son named Victor Jr., but he came to be known as Adam (his middle name or something?). My dear Adam! How I love thee! LOL <3

Well, hopefully Victor isn't having health problems, but he really shouldn't keep doing this to his family. It's really selfish.

Tomorrow I'll post Soapy Sundays #5 for the week of 8/13-8/17. See ya then!

August 17, 2012

guest post with author jeremy shory!

Hey everyone! How are you guys? Today I am proud and excited to introduce you to Jeremy Shory, author of The Orion Chronicles--The Journal of Forgotten Secrets. He has kindly agreed to write my very first guest post. Before I get to his post, I'd like to introduce you to his book as well as share some of his background from his website

The First Book of The Orion Chronicles--The Journal of Forgotten Secrets

When dark family secrets reveal a hidden world controlled by enchantments and magic, fourteen year old Orion Martins is thrust onto a perilous trail of deception flawlessly designed by an archaic mastermind long believed to have vanished. The further he ventures from his comfy New Hampshire home, the deeper he’s lured into a sadistic game of life and death where the prize is the fate of two worlds. Can the mysteries trapped inside an ancient journal unlock the enigmas of his past, assuring his victory? The board is set and the pieces are ready to be played.

Three weeks ago, Orion knew he would avenge his father’s murder. Three days ago, he knew there was nothing beyond our own unforgiving world. Three hours ago, he knew magic only existed within the depths of his imagination. Three minutes from now, he’ll discover just how wrong he’s been.

The first move has been made. Will he survive?

About the Author

Jeremy Shory is an up-and-coming young author, looking to share his passion for writing with the world. He was born on July 6, 1984 and grew up in Orlando, Florida, where he was exposed to whimsical and fantastic adventures–often used as a basis for his writing.

His interest in fantasy began at an early age, and he has recently taken a special interest in the young adult fantasy genre. The idea of transporting the readers mind to a magical place and captivating them throughout an entire journey drives Jeremy to keep his imagination churning.
Currently you can find his non-fictional writings regarding his favorite pass-time, football, on, where he specializes in the Atlantic Coast Conference for college sports.

Contact the Author:
Facebook Fan Page
Twitter: @OrionChronicles
Now, I'm handing over my blog to Mr. Shory! :D

 Story Ideas: The stuff no one else tells you

Flying Unicorns. Fountain of Youth. The Holy Grail.

Know what all these items have in common? Nah, me neither. I just thought I would compile a short, but impressive list of kick-butt items.

Okay, I’m kidding…sorta. They are totally awesome mythical things, but truth be told, these were all simply ideas that lead to some of the most phenomenal stories in history; Ponce de León’s voyage for the Fountain of Youth, King Arthur’s adventure for The Holy Grail (and eventually Indiana Jones, which let’s all be honest here, we know his story is so much cooler than King Arthur’s anyways…unless it’s the Monty python version of course), and of course who doesn’t go out looking for a flying unicorn from time to time, am I right? Don’t lie. You know you do.

The point is that stories are founded in concepts and ideas. They can’t survive without them. And lots of them. I mean how horrible would Harry Potter be if J.K. Rowling had just the one storyline of Harry vs. He Who Must Not Be Named? Each book would be about twenty pages long and kind of boring. For a story to really suck you in, it’s got to have enough writing ideas to keep the story interesting. But you also don’t want to have it bogged down with so many other concepts that it derails the main storyline and slows the pace. That’s where it can become difficult for a writer; having just the right amount of creative writing ideas in your story. 

Sticking with the Harry Potter theme, imagine how tedious the books would’ve been if Joe (I’m going to call her Joe because we go way back and are besties. Okay not really, but why do you have to ruin my dream?) would have spent more time on Hermione’s quest to save the house elves and less time on the background between Professor Snape and Dumbledore, or perhaps bringing in the horcruxes? Probably wouldn’t be seeing the movies if that were the case.

It’s a fine line we writers walk to ensure there are enough story ideas and concepts to keep it lively and fresh, but not so many that it detracts from your primary storylines.

Which brings me to my next point: Crack is whack!

And that brings me to my next next point: Where do I come up with my creative writing ideas?

Well, Frank, that’s a great question. I never thought you’d ask. (You may be asking yourself right about now, “Who is this Frank guy he speaks of?” Well Frank is the little-known brother of James Lipton, who we all know hosts the famous Inside the Actors Studio television show. Frank has his own low-budget radio show called Inside the Writers Wild and Scary Mind. Okay not really, but boom, you see how I came up with that idea just like that? It never stops for a writer.)

Sorry, I like to go on crazy rants in my blogs from time to time. Just wait, you’ll see.

Now, back to the question. I like to read other writer’s work and then rip-off their ideas. I mean it’s only plagiarism if you steal their words, right? I’m kidding again.

I personally draw on just about everything in my personal life as a basis for my ideas. For instance, in book one of The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets, (shameless book plug. Jam!) I have a part that fully explains the power of Enchanting via a bewitched lamppost…that has a name…and talks. Freaky right? Well the basis for that concept was simple; I was sitting on a bench in the mall courtyard talking to my wife, who was sitting on the bench behind me. As I continued my conversation, I looked over my shoulder in time to discover she was no longer there; she had gone into a nearby store. So I said to myself “Well looks like I’m just talking to myself…and this here lamppost.” Then I thought, How cool would it be if the lamppost was alive and could talk back? He probably would have some stories to tell. And just like that, Frodrick the Elder Lamppost was born.

The same goes for my characters. I feel that I infuse a lot of myself in my characters (see my personal blog for some examples…again another shameless plug ). I also draw on the people closest to me as foundations for some of my character’s personality traits and beliefs. They always tell you to Write What You Know. I don’t know who “They” are, but it’s good advice nonetheless. 
I wish I could tell you there was a giant pool you could pay to go swim in and when you come out, you have like a hundred good story ideas, but it just doesn’t work that way. My concepts and ideas for a story usually start out very small, and the more I try to work them into the plot, the more they’re developed. Like with the lamppost, originally it was just a simple thing, but then I realized how I could use that simple thought to explain a more specific and important part of my story.

Good writers can work some of the silliest things into a story by giving them purpose and reason. If I just left the bit about Frodrick alone, it would’ve been worthless to the story and probably ended up being chopped during editing. That ties back into what I was saying before about making sure your ideas and concepts help drive the story and keep it interesting. Putting an idea in your story just because it’s cool will most likely lead to it detracting from your ultimate goal of telling your main plot lines.

My piece of advice to any new writer is to look around you. Everything and everyone can be used as an origin for a really great story idea.  You only need a small seed of a concept to grow into a plant-sized storyline or driving plot device. 

August 11, 2012

My Niece Has Arrived!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Excited for the weekend? I know I'm glad it's here!

I want to apologize for the lack of posts here--this week has been really hectic, lol. My sister just had her baby girl today!! *cheers*

My sister, my one and only sibling <3

She had gone to the doctor on her due date, which was Monday the 6th. Since she hadn't dilated at all, her doctor asked if she would want to go into the hospital on Wednesday to be induced. She agreed.

My dad and I took her to the hospital, and my daughter went with us. I still can't drive due to my lame broken foot, lol. They tried every trick in the book to jump start her labor, but nothing worked. Her husband is in Afghanistan right now, and so I stayed the night in the hospital with her Wednesday and Thursday. Sadly, right after my sister found out she was pregnant in December, the military gave my sister and her husband the news that he was to be deployed to Afghanistan in April, which also meant he missed the birth. That has to be hard--this is their first child.

This morning around 5:30am, her doctor came in and said they had done everything they could do to start her labor, but since nothing was working, it was time for a c-section. They readied the operating room very quickly. They were so cheerful and very accomodating with my inability to walk without crutches.

After I put on a mask, hair net, etc., they helped me to a chair beside my sister. She instantly reached for my hand. This made me tear up; I knew how nervous she was, and this is the girl who becomes instantly annoyed with me when I try to give her a hug, lol. She's not a "huggy" kind of girl. I held onto her hand for dear life.

When the time came, the anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to see the doctor and nurses lift the baby out, and I was like, "Yeah!!!" He assisted me in standing and stood right next to me to make sure I didn't fall over since I have to put all of my weight on my right foot.

My brand new niece Mila!

So I got to see my new niece come out into the world, and she was crying, which I've always thought is such a beautiful sound after waiting so long to meet your baby. When they brought her to my sister, she instantly stopped crying, and when they took her away to the next room to wash her up and check her vitals, she began crying again. How cool is that? She was instantly soothed by her mama. ;)

The nurse took the baby to the next room over and let me go with her. I was able to hang out with the two nurses while they worked on their charting and checking my niece's vital signs. I thought that was so awesome of them! I didn't want to leave my sister, but they put her to sleep while they finished the surgery, which greatly relieved me.

They weighed my niece, and she came in at 8lbs 8oz. I really thought she looked like she's nine pounds, and so did the nurse. We were super shocked!

I think she's especially cute here. <3

My sister named her daughter Milena Rose, and we're all gonna call her Mila. She's gorgeous, healthy, and so incredibly alert. I just love her to pieces already! My son hasn't gotten to meet her yet because he's too young to go back in the maternity ward, but my daughter was able to and she's in love with her new cousin! My daughter told me her cousin's favorite color is going to be pink, lol.

I can't wait until my sister and Mila can come home so we can all be together. I'm dying to take pictures of my kids with their new cousin. Tonight, I'm staying at home, while my sister's friend is staying with her in the hospital. I'm going back tomorrow to help her out as much as I can. I'd do anything for that girl. I love her to pieces. When I was a little girl, I asked for a sister and was so lucky to be given one. :D

P.S. ~ She's the girl in my blogger photo who's looking at me with love and adoration ;) , the same photo I use for my Goodreads profile. It was taken last year at Oktoberfest, right before she left for California to live on base with her husband and two months before she found out she was pregnant. That was one of the most fun days we had together. :D

We're all thrilled she's finally here!

August 6, 2012

soapy sundays #3

Soapy Sundays

Hey and welcome to my third installment of Soapy Sundays! Even if you may not necessarily be a soap fan, I promise to still entertain with some funny stuff! BTW, I think I'm going to work on coming up with a picture soon. :)

General Hospital
*sigh* I'm still having GH marathons on YouTube to catch up to the present! I'll never let myself get so far behind again; I'm so ashamed!! :O

Since I'm not able to comment on what's going on right now on the show, I want to list some of the characters (and the actors/actresses who played them) that I miss dreadfully who aren't on the show at this time. This list is in no particular order. :)
  • Lucky Spencer (last played by Jonathon Jackson)
  • Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough)
  • Nikolas Cassidine (Tyler Christopher)
  • Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons)
  • Jax (Ingo Rademacher)
  • Abby Haver--Michael's gf (Andrea Bogart)
  • Kristina Davis (Lexi Ainsworth)
I miss them all!

Bold & the Beautiful
I had a really busy week and wasn't able to watch much of B&B but still have the episodes saved on my DVR. I'm hoping that the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle wraps up soon, but I doubt it will. Of course, I've watched the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle for years on top of years to where sometimes I really got sick of it, lol, and so, I think I may be watching the younger triangle for years.

Dayzee and Marcus are a breath of fresh air on the show. They've recently gotten married, and Marcus was arrested not long afterward. I want to see a lot more of them! I've loved Dayzee since she started on the show as a homeless girl, who was taking care of a baby. I know the baby wasn't hers--I think she found the baby abandoned. Dayzee rocks, and what a cool name for a character!

Young & the Restless
My fave moments for the week of July 30-Aug 3!

1. Monday's episode began with Phyllis asking Nick (I'm quoting loosely here!), "Did you hear my rumble with Summer? I believe, I mean call me crazy, but I believe shorts should cover the buttocks region."
  • I couldn't stop laughing!! Michelle Stafford delivered those lines effortlessly, and her timing was flawless. She's 95% of the reason it was such a hilarious moment. That's such a normal thing to write in for parents of a teenager. What parent hasn't had to make sure their teenage daughter doesn't leave the house dressed inappropriately? Plus it added a moment of lightness since Phyllis has been facing some major legal issues lately. That day her hair was pulled back (usually it's down), and it looked lovely. I wish her hair was styled like that more often! :D
2. Ronan finds a "dead" Tim Reid vacationing!!!
  • Tim Reid, Phyllis's former psychiatrist whom she paid to leave town, has been pretending to be dead, and the police have been questioning Phyllis, suspecting she may have killed him. Now that Ronan has found him, he'll be facing trouble of his own. I'm glad Phyllis confessed to paying him to leave town. I just wish she had told Nick, and now she's keeping another secret from him yet again--Tim is trying to blackmail her. If she would just tell Nick, they could come up with a way to stick it to Tim! I wish she felt she could trust Nick with her secrets, but he is kind of flaky when it comes to sticking by her so I really can't blame her. I cheered when Ronan found Tim! There's still a magnetic pull between Phyllis and Ronan, and I really like that about them. Ronan feels protective of her, but not in an annoying damsel in distress way. If Nick won't stand together with Phyllis, then I'd want her to get with Ronan, hee hee. ;)
3. Victor and Jack end up stuck in an elevator when there's a power failure at Newman Enterprise--and they don't kill each other!!!
  • How funny was it when they end up in the same elevator and the power happens to go out? I love it! Jack almost didn't make it in time and yells out to hold the door, which Victor does. When Jack gets in and realizes Victor held the door, he snarks, "I'm surprised you didn't just let the door close on me." Victor responded maybe he should have, lol. It's great when there's scenes between mortal enemies like that! Pure joy to watch these two battle it out--I never get tired of their vendetta against each other, and to be honest, I forget why they hate each other so much! But it doesn't even matter because it's so entertaining to watch these two powerhouse actors interact!
4. Nikki lets Katherine know the wedding has been moved up to this week.
  • As soon as Nikki tells her this, Katherine quips, "Don't tell me it's a shotgun wedding!" Nikki, horrified, exclaims, "Good Lord no!" Ah Katherine! She's sharp as a tack with a quick wit like no one else, ha ha! I couldn't believe she thought Nikki might be pregnant! That would be totally interesting, though. Hey, maybe... I love how Y&R takes a simple moment like this and turns it into an entertaining and comical moment between friends, and Nikki and Katherine have been good friends for like forever! :D
5. Jack surprises Nikki completely at their wedding and stands up from his wheelchair!
  •  This moment brought tears to my eyes! As soon as Nikki realizes Jack is trying to stand up, she drops her bouquet in her rush over to him, thinking he's going to fall. When he gently lets her know he's okay, he stands, and her eyes expressed how much the surprise paid off. She was speechless! The best moment in a wedding since Cane and Lily's wedding! I knew he'd be able to pull it off. And their vows were so sweet...I hope they get to be happy for a while because they both have been through a lot! I just don't want them to be on the back burner if they get to be happy for a while, 'cause sometimes that happens!
6. The day of Nikki and Jack's wedding, Tracy and Ashley talk beforehand about how it's their father's birthday (Jack, Tracy, and Ashley are siblings and John Abbott's children).
  • Ashley says how much she wishes he was here, and Tracy (who lost her only child, Colleen, a few years ago) tells her he's always there with them. Indeed he was there, watching over them. That brought me to tears as well! Billy is another of their siblings, and while he and Victoria were talking, their infant son Johnny (named after John) sees his grandpa John Abbott, leaning over his bassinet talking to him. Since John passed away, I've missed his character so much! He's one of the legacy characters--I grew up while he was on Y&R. I love they bring him back every now and then to counsel one of his children or to comfort them in times of need. I'm also jealous--I wish that could happen to me in real life when I need some motherly advice!
Yeah, Friday's episode pretty much had me in and out of tears. These characters mean a lot to me--I've watched this soap for my entire life, all thirty-one years of it! I feel closer to my mom and grandma when I watch the show and wonder what they would think about some of the storylines. :)

When I began dating my husband eleven years ago, I was beyond thrilled to find out that his mom and grandma also watched the same soaps me and my family watch! We watched all four of the soaps on CBS, right up until Guiding Light's final episode and As the World Turns's last episode. It's funny, too, because no matter how many times my husband acts like he doesn't want to watch my soaps, he sure knows every character's name and storyline! Odd for someone who claims that he doesn't want to watch it, huh? ;)

August 1, 2012

IWSG #3 ~ August 2012

July has been really great for my writing! I knew that if I promised in my last IWSG post to have progress to report to everyone, then I would hold myself accountable and actually start writing instead of just talking about writing!  And that's just what I did. :)

First of all, I went out and bought a notebook to write my book in. You might wonder why I didn't just start typing on my laptop. Well, I decided I want to be able to write anytime, anywhere. I love writing with a pen in a notebook and seeing everything I've written at once. To me, there's nothing like looking at a page in a notebook; the endless possibilities positively overwhelm me. I relish that feeling, whether the page is filled up with my words or even blank, doesn't matter. Besides, I look at enough screens during the day between TV, my Kindle, and my iPod. I do spend time on the computer everyday, too--reading and commenting on blogs, keeping up with friends and family on Facebook and Goodreads. :) I feel like cutting down on some screen time right now and will type it up once I finish handwriting it.

I want to explain more about what it is that I'm working on. I was twelve years old and nearing the end of seventh grade when we found out my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. Shortly after I turned fourteen and two weeks before my first day of high school as a freshman, my mom lost her battle. She had just turned forty.

Before all of this happened, my grandpa, her dad, was diagnosed with the same type of brain cancer when I was nine, and I was eleven when he lost his battle. My other grandpa, my dad's dad, died just two months later (not from any type of cancer). To sum it all up, I lost both of my grandpas and my mom within three years. That was a lot of grief for all of us to handle. This period of time is my focus, but as you can imagine, a lot of grief has spilled over into my adulthood affecting me still to this day and especially when I became a mother myself.         

It feels good just to get started. One day, I wrote thirteen pages and felt like hey, I'm going somewhere! The thing about writing my memoir, especially taking into account the subject matter is grief, is that it feels like going to counseling when I begin writing for the day. I don't want to face my emotions at first, but once I get into a groove, it's hard for me to stop writing. Afterwards, I feel a little lighter having faced some heavy emotional work.

By writing this book, I'm reliving some of the saddest parts of my life. From the moment I learned of my mom's diagnosis and the world as I knew it spun out of control, the words for this book began forming in my mind, biding their time to come out someday. And that someday is here at last! <3

WiW ~ Jacob vs. Edward


This is a new weekly meme hosted by Lauren from Epilogue Review. Each week there will be a something vs. something topic for you to post your thoughts about. Make sure to visit Lauren at her awesome blog, Epilogue Review, and also check out the other nifty blogs also participating. :)

Comments below with your thoughts are always appreciated! I love hearing from you guys!  :)

The topic this week: Jacob vs. Edward (from Twilight, haha!)

I think I'm over my whole Twilight phase, lol. I'll probably see the last movie sometime when it comes out just to finish out the series since I've seen the other movies. I'm not counting down the days or anything. :D

In Twilight, I loved Edward and didn't feel like Jacob was in the book enough for me to feel strongly one way or the other about him. I liked his character, but I didn't think of him as a potential love interest for Bella.

Then in New Moon, I was so angry with Edward abandoning Bella and freaked out at the same time with the way Bella basically lost the will to live over a guy (ok, vampire, whatev :D ). Jacob was such a good friend to her during those rough times, and he seemed so mature. He was falling for her, but he wasn't pushy about it.

During Eclipse, I found myself completely split down the middle. I could not for the life of me decide if I was Team Edward or Team Jacob. I was content to just let her be indecisive about a relationship. She had plenty of other things to worry about, lol.

Finally when I was reading Breaking Dawn, Jacob became so immature and whiny. Edward was too possessive. I didn't really like either one of them, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Edward in that book. I think the fact that the book was so poorly written in my opinion had a lot to do with my lack of interest in either one of them. I had a really difficult time getting through that book.

When it comes down to it, I'd say I prefer Edward overall. The idea of a perfect romance that Edward and Bella could have sold me even though that's completely unrealistic. Once Bella became a vampire, they both will live the same lifestyle, are so rich they'll never have to worry about money (wouldn't that be nice!), have all the time in the world to do whatever they want...I could go on, lol.

I do have to say this, though. Edward can't hold a CANDLE to Angel!!! (Been having Buffy marathons on Netflix) <3