August 20, 2012

double edition of soapy sundays #4 & #5

Soapy Sundays #4

Since my sister went into the hospital on 8/8 to have her baby, I was with her most of the time and caught up on "The Young and the Restless" when she was released from the hospital. I haven't been able to catch up with "The Bold and the Beautiful" or "General Hospital" yet, so this soapy Sunday will be about Y&R! :D

Week of 8/6-8/10
I loved how Victor abandoned Sharon on their wedding night, which she then decided to get drunk after realizing her new husband ditched her. Tucker showed up, saying he had a business meeting scheduled with Victor, but I don't know...sounds fishy to me! I think TPTB want to team up Tucker and Sharon, which is totally fine by me--I like them together. I'm sorry Ashley divorced Tucker--I was hoping they could be happy for a while, and Ashley was good for Tucker.

The best part about Sharon's drunkenness was when she crashes Jack and Nikki's wedding reception, which really pisses Nikki off (it would've pissed me off too!). Sharon and Nikki get into a heated argument, which ends with Nikki pushing Sharon into the pool! I'm loving these huge knock-down-drag-out fights between those two...keeps me laughing! All I could think was that Sharon crashed the wedding AND crashed into the pool, lol.

Tucker and Sharon come close to sleeping together, and though she's married to Victor, we all know he only married her to try to get under Nikki's skin since she married Jack. How much more obvious could Victor have gotten? He married Sharon on his private jet the same day Nikki and Jack tied the knot. Honestly, I'd rather see Sharon and Tucker together. At least Tucker isn't the grandfather of Sharon's kids!!

Omg, Phyllis, will you please just tell Nick the truth! He can help you out of this--he's a Newman for pete's sake with powerful connections. Nope, instead Phyllis decides to borrow the outrageous amount of money her former psychiatrist is demanding from her to not turn in her taped confession concerning the hit-and-run from almost twenty years ago. And she takes the money from her daughter Summer's trust fund! That just makes it that much worse! Of course Nick finds out and is super pissed at Phyllis, and I don't blame him at all. She just keeps digging the hole deeper. P.S.-Phyllis is right...the new "Restless Style" reality show is a snoozefest. Why is this a storyline again? Billy should change the name of the magazine and show from "Restless Style" to "Restless Gossip" lol.

I can't get over how good the new Heather is on the show. I wish I could remember the actress's name. She was Gwen on "As the World Turns", which was one of my faves from that show. I still miss ATWT like crazy! She just fit right in as Paul's daughter, and there is no denying her talent in being able to do that. I love Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca from All My Children), but I think Y&R should have brought her on as a completely new character and not as Heather. The role wasn't right for the talented actress.

I love the actress playing Eden and the incredible job she's doing with the role as Michael and Kevin's sister.  I believe she's the third actress playing the part, and she's fabulous. I like how she's involved in a major storyline *finally* since she's come back to town, and she did a great job with the hypnosis scenes. I imagine that would be hard to pull off. It does seem like the show isn't sure what to do with her character relationship wise. She was kind of with Daniel, kind of with Noah, and now is kind of with Kyle. I haven't warmed up to Kyle yet (Kyle is Jack's son). They quickly aged him along with Summer (Phyllis and Nick's daughter). I like Summer a lot, but Kyle is bratty and it doesn't make sense that he feels so much animosity towards his father. He didn't leave that way before the character was aged. I do, however, like Kyle when he is with Eden. He's really protective of her and was concerned the hypnosis was too much for her. I hope they become a couple so he can become more likable, lol. Would the court even accept hypnosis as evidence to clear Paul's name? In the real world no, in soap land, probably. Eden wasn't able to recover all of her memories from the night Paul shot Ricky, so I'm wondering if they'll try the hypnosis therapy again.

Then we come to the last moment of Friday's (the 10th) episode--Victor has taken off again and is hanging out unloading ships. No care in the world, not even for his family, who are worried sick about him. Nikki even wonders if he's been kidnapped. He had a heart transplant a few years ago, so I would be more concerned about his health than anything else. Then again, he's also done this taking off thing before--hello Adam! Back in the day, Victor took off without a word to anyone and went to Kansas, where he met Hope and fell in love with her. They had a son named Victor Jr., but he came to be known as Adam (his middle name or something?). My dear Adam! How I love thee! LOL <3

Well, hopefully Victor isn't having health problems, but he really shouldn't keep doing this to his family. It's really selfish.

Tomorrow I'll post Soapy Sundays #5 for the week of 8/13-8/17. See ya then!

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