August 6, 2012

soapy sundays #3

Soapy Sundays

Hey and welcome to my third installment of Soapy Sundays! Even if you may not necessarily be a soap fan, I promise to still entertain with some funny stuff! BTW, I think I'm going to work on coming up with a picture soon. :)

General Hospital
*sigh* I'm still having GH marathons on YouTube to catch up to the present! I'll never let myself get so far behind again; I'm so ashamed!! :O

Since I'm not able to comment on what's going on right now on the show, I want to list some of the characters (and the actors/actresses who played them) that I miss dreadfully who aren't on the show at this time. This list is in no particular order. :)
  • Lucky Spencer (last played by Jonathon Jackson)
  • Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough)
  • Nikolas Cassidine (Tyler Christopher)
  • Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons)
  • Jax (Ingo Rademacher)
  • Abby Haver--Michael's gf (Andrea Bogart)
  • Kristina Davis (Lexi Ainsworth)
I miss them all!

Bold & the Beautiful
I had a really busy week and wasn't able to watch much of B&B but still have the episodes saved on my DVR. I'm hoping that the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle wraps up soon, but I doubt it will. Of course, I've watched the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle for years on top of years to where sometimes I really got sick of it, lol, and so, I think I may be watching the younger triangle for years.

Dayzee and Marcus are a breath of fresh air on the show. They've recently gotten married, and Marcus was arrested not long afterward. I want to see a lot more of them! I've loved Dayzee since she started on the show as a homeless girl, who was taking care of a baby. I know the baby wasn't hers--I think she found the baby abandoned. Dayzee rocks, and what a cool name for a character!

Young & the Restless
My fave moments for the week of July 30-Aug 3!

1. Monday's episode began with Phyllis asking Nick (I'm quoting loosely here!), "Did you hear my rumble with Summer? I believe, I mean call me crazy, but I believe shorts should cover the buttocks region."
  • I couldn't stop laughing!! Michelle Stafford delivered those lines effortlessly, and her timing was flawless. She's 95% of the reason it was such a hilarious moment. That's such a normal thing to write in for parents of a teenager. What parent hasn't had to make sure their teenage daughter doesn't leave the house dressed inappropriately? Plus it added a moment of lightness since Phyllis has been facing some major legal issues lately. That day her hair was pulled back (usually it's down), and it looked lovely. I wish her hair was styled like that more often! :D
2. Ronan finds a "dead" Tim Reid vacationing!!!
  • Tim Reid, Phyllis's former psychiatrist whom she paid to leave town, has been pretending to be dead, and the police have been questioning Phyllis, suspecting she may have killed him. Now that Ronan has found him, he'll be facing trouble of his own. I'm glad Phyllis confessed to paying him to leave town. I just wish she had told Nick, and now she's keeping another secret from him yet again--Tim is trying to blackmail her. If she would just tell Nick, they could come up with a way to stick it to Tim! I wish she felt she could trust Nick with her secrets, but he is kind of flaky when it comes to sticking by her so I really can't blame her. I cheered when Ronan found Tim! There's still a magnetic pull between Phyllis and Ronan, and I really like that about them. Ronan feels protective of her, but not in an annoying damsel in distress way. If Nick won't stand together with Phyllis, then I'd want her to get with Ronan, hee hee. ;)
3. Victor and Jack end up stuck in an elevator when there's a power failure at Newman Enterprise--and they don't kill each other!!!
  • How funny was it when they end up in the same elevator and the power happens to go out? I love it! Jack almost didn't make it in time and yells out to hold the door, which Victor does. When Jack gets in and realizes Victor held the door, he snarks, "I'm surprised you didn't just let the door close on me." Victor responded maybe he should have, lol. It's great when there's scenes between mortal enemies like that! Pure joy to watch these two battle it out--I never get tired of their vendetta against each other, and to be honest, I forget why they hate each other so much! But it doesn't even matter because it's so entertaining to watch these two powerhouse actors interact!
4. Nikki lets Katherine know the wedding has been moved up to this week.
  • As soon as Nikki tells her this, Katherine quips, "Don't tell me it's a shotgun wedding!" Nikki, horrified, exclaims, "Good Lord no!" Ah Katherine! She's sharp as a tack with a quick wit like no one else, ha ha! I couldn't believe she thought Nikki might be pregnant! That would be totally interesting, though. Hey, maybe... I love how Y&R takes a simple moment like this and turns it into an entertaining and comical moment between friends, and Nikki and Katherine have been good friends for like forever! :D
5. Jack surprises Nikki completely at their wedding and stands up from his wheelchair!
  •  This moment brought tears to my eyes! As soon as Nikki realizes Jack is trying to stand up, she drops her bouquet in her rush over to him, thinking he's going to fall. When he gently lets her know he's okay, he stands, and her eyes expressed how much the surprise paid off. She was speechless! The best moment in a wedding since Cane and Lily's wedding! I knew he'd be able to pull it off. And their vows were so sweet...I hope they get to be happy for a while because they both have been through a lot! I just don't want them to be on the back burner if they get to be happy for a while, 'cause sometimes that happens!
6. The day of Nikki and Jack's wedding, Tracy and Ashley talk beforehand about how it's their father's birthday (Jack, Tracy, and Ashley are siblings and John Abbott's children).
  • Ashley says how much she wishes he was here, and Tracy (who lost her only child, Colleen, a few years ago) tells her he's always there with them. Indeed he was there, watching over them. That brought me to tears as well! Billy is another of their siblings, and while he and Victoria were talking, their infant son Johnny (named after John) sees his grandpa John Abbott, leaning over his bassinet talking to him. Since John passed away, I've missed his character so much! He's one of the legacy characters--I grew up while he was on Y&R. I love they bring him back every now and then to counsel one of his children or to comfort them in times of need. I'm also jealous--I wish that could happen to me in real life when I need some motherly advice!
Yeah, Friday's episode pretty much had me in and out of tears. These characters mean a lot to me--I've watched this soap for my entire life, all thirty-one years of it! I feel closer to my mom and grandma when I watch the show and wonder what they would think about some of the storylines. :)

When I began dating my husband eleven years ago, I was beyond thrilled to find out that his mom and grandma also watched the same soaps me and my family watch! We watched all four of the soaps on CBS, right up until Guiding Light's final episode and As the World Turns's last episode. It's funny, too, because no matter how many times my husband acts like he doesn't want to watch my soaps, he sure knows every character's name and storyline! Odd for someone who claims that he doesn't want to watch it, huh? ;)


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