August 21, 2012

double edition of soapy sundays #4 & #5 continued

Soapy Sundays #5

Week of 8/13-8/17

Finally! Lily and Cane are on the show again! I've been wondering where they've been, although I don't get this mystery with his mom at all. What's going on? Is Cane's sister really alive? Is his mom pretending to be terrorized by someone?

Yay! Adam/Chelsea & Kevin/Chloe are on again, too, working together on their new Internet business venture. I don't even care about the business side of the story--I just want to see these couples interact. It's very interesting how much animosity Kevin has for Adam and funny how Adam just laughs him off. Makes me laugh, too.

Nick ends up having to pull his ex-wife now stepmom and his bio mom apart from each other, lol! Only on soaps! Go Nick! LOL! They were fighting over Victor's papers if I recall correctly. Nikki had sent Sharon a fake text from Victor's cell telling Sharon their marriage was a mistake and that it's over. Nikki admits sending the fake text to Sharon, who's completely appalled. Nikki, why are you stooping to Sharon's level? You're a classy lady (except when it comes to Victor) and shouldn't do something like this. It's just not you. And why aren't you home with your new husband, Jack? Why is he alone?

And how many times has Victor taken off alone without a word to anyone? A lot! So why is everyone freaking out? He's done this at least two or three times before. It's really selfish of him to make his family worry about him like this. Sharon burned their prenup before Nikki admitted to sending that fake text, so when he does come home, all hell's gonna break loose, just see!

Once Nikki finally goes home to Jack, he surprises her with a planned honeymoon. She tells him she can't go, and he tells her if she's going to continue looking for Victor, they're pretty much done. She walks out anyway. *sigh* I'd much rather see Nikki with Jack than with Victor. Yeah, they're a supercouple, but Victor doesn't appreciate Nikki like I think Jack would. Jack just wants to be married and in love, poor guy! Romance just doesn't seem to work out for this guy!

I felt some tears when Summer told Phyllis how much she needs her after Phyllis lost her cool and blew up at her, telling her to shut up. I figured Phyllis was gonna crack sooner or later--she's facing so much right now and is trying to take it all on alone. Just admit to Nick you need his help. It'd be so easy, and that's what you're supposed to do when you're married or am I crazy?

Ack! Tim died in Phyllis's apartment. Great! Now she's really dug a hole for herself. Omg.

I like this feisty side of Sharon. I hope we get to see this side of her for a while! Although, she is being spurred on by Tucker. He just wants to stick it to Victor, and he may be using Sharon to do it, but I don't want to think of him using her. I want them in a relationship, lol.

Victor gets into a fight wherever the hell he is, and he looks like crap afterward. Victor, you're one tough guy, but you're also getting up there in age, much as I hate to say that. You can still kick ass, but you also had a heart transplant just a few years ago remember?

Hopefully I'll get next week's soapy sundays post up on time and can't wait to see what happens this week. Ciao!

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