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Hey everyone! *waves* Sadly, I've been neglecting my blog again. Here's part of the reason:

Cranky Pants

I can't help but laugh at this photo! You always see cutesy pictures of babies, usually taken when they aren't upset, lol. I've been helping my sister out with my niece, her first baby. This is Mila's true nature, revealed at like four o'clock in the morning, ha ha! My sister's husband is in Afghanistan--he was assigned to go there just before they found out they were expecting a baby, and I know how difficult it is to have a newborn. I can't imagine my husband being away! It's stressful to take care of a newborn even when you have your partner there to share the responsibilities. My sister also had to have a c-section, and she's handling her recovery and parenting duties like a boss, lol.

Okay, because I feel kinda bad about laughing at her when she's in a cranky mood, here's a photo of Mila in a happy mood:

August just flew by and was a really busy month for me and my family. My broken foot is still healing and along with helping out my sister, I have my nine year old daughter, two year old son, thirty year old husband, two cats, a puppy, and a partridge in a pear tree to take care of. Yep, I'm busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Something is always going on. I know I'll totally have empty nest syndrome. I'll probably be so bored!

I'm also trying to read through my review pile, which has gotten out of control. I'm halfway through The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers #1) by David Estes and have five reviews I need to type up. They're already written; I just need to post them all of the different websites I use. :)

I'm working on setting up the badges of all the blogs I follow in a scrolling list on the sidebar of my blog. I'm having some difficulties right now--there are some badges up, and if you don't see yours,  no worries. They'll all be up hopefully soon. :) I'm learning how to work more efficiently, so I can have more time to handle all of my family responsibilities and still be able to read my books and write.

Here's to an awesome September!!

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