September 24, 2012

soapy sundays #10

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The Young & the Restless
Week of 9/17 - 9/21
Monday 9/17 - Isn't Tucker rich enough? I realize he's ruthless and doesn't care about Victor, but Victor's had a heart transplant! He shouldn't be getting beaten up. If I were Genevieve, I'd bring him home anyway and screw what Tucker wants. Just get a job, Genevieve, like everyone else. So what if you aren't going to be rich anymore, at least you're away from your psycho mob husband.
As much as I hate to say this, Jack's right--Nikki's devotion to Victor is a huge sign that a marriage with her wouldn't last. I liked Jack and Nikki together as a couple. Victor and Nikki are a supercouple, yes, and I do love them together; however, Victor doesn't appreciate her, and she lets him walk all over her. They have a love/hate relationship, and it's painful to watch sometimes. Why couldn't Jack and Nikki just be happy for a while? They had such a beautiful wedding--shame it went to waste. Anyway, Jack knew how connected Nikki is to Victor, but he married her anyhow. So why did he do it in the first place? *Sigh*
I'm pretty surprised the judge reinstated Sharon as CEO. As the Newman stock tumbles again, Jack is happy, but I have a feeling Cane's warnings are going to come true.
Tuesday 9/18 - I wish Kevin and Adam would stop arguing about their website. I don't really think it's wise of Kevin to argue with the guy who's financially backing his business venture. Why is Kevin against linking to Jabot? I don't get it. Cane is completely correct in his hesitation to work with them after seeing Adam and Kevin can't even seem to get along. I liked this storyline a lot more when things were going smoothly.
I don't think Adam should have signed with Cane when Kevin wasn't there, but again, I don't get why Kevin doesn't want to work with Jabot. Am I missing something? I don't blame you Cane, I wouldn't want to do business with them either! They can't agree on the simplest of things. Chloe is right to blame Kevin--what's his deal? Does he want the website to tank?
Of course Nick is going to leave Phyllis again--that's all he does. She needs to tell him the truth, but I understand why she tries to solve her problems on her own even though she always makes them worse. Nick does get disappointed with her easily. He's jealous of her connection with Ronan, and I probably would be, too. However, he doesn't see Phyllis the same way Ronan does--Ronan loves her faults and all. That's why I'm hoping they end up together--they're a very root-worthy couple.
I can't say I'm surprised Daisy is alive. I could've told her that overdosing wasn't going to get her to the hospital; they're going to keep her in the psychiatric institution even longer now. She was hoping to be taken to the hospital and then escape. Well, if you've overdosed, exactly how are you going to escape from the hospital??  
Wednesday 9/19 - It's funny how there hasn't been another episode of "Restless Style" lately, and I can't help wondering if the writers have realized it isn't really working. The show is a yawn for me. Billy managing the magazine is far more interesting. Anyway, Billy is going to have his hands full rescuing his marriage to Victoria once she finds out he's known all along where her father, Victor, has been.
Note to Kevin--Phyllis has every right to hate your sister. Daisy DRUGGED and RAPED her son. Duh! I'd hate her, too. Of course Kevin would be sympathetic towards Daisy--he once tried to kill a girl by locking her in a restaurant and burning it down. (No joke!)
Billy, listen to Genevieve...tell everyone where Victor is so this can all be over. He really is in danger with these bad guys trying to beat him up every other day. He doesn't even know who he is! I can't WAIT to find out how he got to L.A. and how he developed amnesia. That's what's keeping me hooked to this storyline.
I loved how Sharon tried to fire Nick and Victoria, completely unaware they set safeguards in place while she was being evaluated so she couldn't fire them again. Ha ha Sharon!! It's really strange, because in some instances, I'm with Nick and Victoria while in other instances, I'm not really with them. To me, that's a sign of great writing and acting--no one in "real life" is all good or all bad; we're all a mixture of both.
Thursday 9/20 - I knew Christine was going to let Ronan have it when she heard he has given Phyllis an alibi for the night Tim died. I'm guessing Ronan probably will end up losing his job with the FBI, but he could just start working for Paul as a P.I. or something. He'll come out just fine. He could even start his own P.I. agency, lol!
Genevieve and Billy--just bring Victor home before someone kills him, sheesh. I think this is really crazy--men wanting to kill Victor because he's trying to better working conditions for others--but obviously it isn't worth his life if you ask me. Plus, he's had a heart transplant. He's doing heavy work and getting beaten up--things a heart transplant recipient should definitely NOT be receiving!
When Paul is able to slip into Daisy's room, one of the best scenes of this episode was when Daisy tells Paul his son, Ricky, wanted to kill her because she saw the video of Ricky killing his girlfriend. The way she delivered her line was priceless. I had to watch it twice, it was so good!!  And I'm not even a big fan of the Daisy character.
Friday 9/21 - I really hope Daisy can testify on Paul's behalf. That might somewhat redeem her. Paul doesn't deserve to go down for killing his son--Ricky was about to kill Eden. Paul saved Eden's life! Paul's a good guy--he's twisted himself into knots over this horrible tragedy and completely blames himself. I hate seeing him go through all of this. I love Paul!
What?!? Daisy's mother checked her out??? As in Sheila Carter? Good Lord!
Adam's pretty smart, and if I were Sharon, I'd listen to him. Adam has ruthless business people like Tucker figured out, after all, he's one of them. I'm sure Adam knows Tucker is using Sharon, but since she won't listen to him, there isn't a lot he can do. Besides, he's married now to Chelsea and expecting--his days of "rescuing" Sharon are done. She's beyond help.
Ack! Now I have to wait the entire weekend to find out what's happened to Victor after that explosion. What a way to end a week!! Just as Nikki calls the phone number Billy gave her, and Victor says her name...BAM! The whole dock explodes! Is Victor dead, or did he survive the explosion? He can't be dead--no way in hell! There is no way I'm going to believe this...the stache must live on--Genoa City would never be the same! Victor, just come home!!

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