soapy sundays #7

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Week of 8/27 - 8/31
Victor's looking cool in his new flannel shirt, lol. What's up with him? Does he have amnesia?
Neil + Harmony = yawn
Please tell me Sofia is sticking around. I want this character to stick around!
I love Nick, but Ronana and Phyllis together in a can just SEE the sparks flying. He's there for her in ways that Nick will never be. Plus now he's taking a huge risk helping her and Kevin out. Btw, I love Nick's new 'do!
Phyllis and Kevin are alternating between hilarity and painfulness. I'm glad Phyllis told Ronan the truth about Tim's death, which just proves my point that the two of them would make a better couple than she does with Nick. She can't be honest with Nick the way she can with Ronan. People are going to find out the truth about Tim's death anyway. Michael knows Kevin was the "encyclopedia" salesman, so Kevin needs to tell Chloe the truth before Michael spills the beans in front of her. No wonder marriages on Y&R don't last. :/
Yaaaaay! Cane and Lily are on! I'm starting to not like Genevieve. I don't like this whole who's stalking the three of them thing. I'm confused and kinda don't care as long as the stalker leaves Cane and Lily alone. They're a happy couple. I get it. Not a lot of room for drama, but can they have a better story? If Cane's sister is indeed alive, then that would be cool. As long as Cane and Lily are onscreen, that's all I care about. :D
Awww, Paul and Avery working together...I love it! Can this week get any better?? Love it when Avery gets tough. Love it even more when Paul gets tough! When the creepy guy admitted he knew Paul's son killed at least two people, the way Avery turned to Paul with shock and concern for him written all over her face spoke volumes.
Oh yeah! Sharon, Katherine is gonna set you straight! Yes! CanNOT believe Sharon just fired Nick. Wow, she's really gonna be f#%&ed when Victor comes home. I mean really.
I'm rooting for Daniel and Heather. Jennifer Landon, the actress who is playing Heather, is phenomenal! Ah-mazing! I hope she stays on forever. If I haven't mentioned this before, she's the daughter of the late Michael Landon, best known for his roles on Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, and Highway to Heaven.
Ooooo, Jack is mad! I wouldn't cross him when his temper flares like that! He wants to just walk again, and lucky for him, he's on Y&R where miracles occur all the time. You're gonna walk again, buddy. Just be patient.

I don't blame Jack. I'd probably kick Nikki out, too. It was so messed up when she left Jack on their wedding day to run off and try to find Victor. Hello! You married Jack, not Victor! Now you've lost a guy who would love you in a healthier way than Victor, and Jack is once again a heartbroken guy. :(

Kyle is annoying when he isn't around Eden. Sorry, just sayin'. And what? Sharon took his driver's license and put it in a box? WTH?

Wow, Tucker and Sharon are hotttt! (Yep, with more than one "t".) Right Tucker, you want to keep things "business like." Like anyone believes you!

Dear Y&R,
Thank you for an awesome week of seeing so many of my fave characters!
Rock on!
Your devoted fan.

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