September 9, 2012

soapy sundays #8

Week of 9/3 - 9/7

Disappointingly enough, Y&R wasn't on Monday or Friday due to the U.S. Open tennis taking over. So this week's recap will be short & sweet with some B&B thrown in.

I'm glad Sharon isn't the CEO of Newman Enterprises anymore, but I disagree with Victoria and Nick's method of getting her removed. She was emotionally and mentally unstable a few years ago, but look at what happened to her. She lost her teenage daughter Cassie in a car accident, and then Adam made her think she had given birth to a stillborn only to find out later he switched her baby with Ashley's baby. Ashley was the one who had a stillborn. No wonder she had to go to an institution! Although, if my memory is right, I think she was in there before she gave birth? I'm not sure.

Depression and anxiety don't mean you are crazy, and I don't really like that is being implied by Sharon saying she can't go back to the institution for evaluation because she might get depressed and anxious again. She is also a klepto, but again, doesn't mean she's "crazy", which is what she says she'll be labeled as if she does slip back into depression before the evaluation. I think it's an irresponsible message to send, especially since there's already such a stigma against people who suffer from these emotional disorders and need treatment.

I'm super upset that Jack and Nikki's marriage lasted not even a day. Why did Nikki have to go running after Victor? He disappears once in a while without telling anyone--why wouldn't she just think this is one of those times? Although I'm thinking he must have fallen off his horse, hit his head, got amnesia, and then wandered off from Wisconsin to L.A., LOL. I can't help but chuckle at storylines sometimes. Let me tell you, Victor Braeden is acting the hell out of this story--he's fabulous, absolutely fabulous.

I'm happy to see Cane involved in business this week rather than the Genevieve storyline. He's trying to do the right thing and stop Jack from sinking everything he has into Newman stock, but of course Jack isn't listening. Jack will stop at nothing to try to make Victor suffer, and I know it's because he feels he's lost Nikki to him, which basically he has I guess. But as Cane mentioned, there are a lot of people who could lose their jobs if this idea of Jack's doesn't work and he does end up losing everything. As much as I don't like the character of Genevieve at times, I enjoy watching Genie Francis act, and man can she act! I love how she delivers her lines; what a pro!

It is so obvious Tucker is using Sharon. And I'm not surprised they've totally had sex now. Sharon doesn't take long to seduce a man, lol.

Since there is still only one storyline going on right now, all I really have to say about this one is that Liam should just be with Steffy. Just get it over with--they deserve each other. Liam runs to her every time he has a misunderstanding with Hope. I'm sick of watching this back and forth thing. Liam is being so lame right now! Ugh!

That's all for this week! See ya next time!


  1. Oh my I haven't watched these in a while. I used to be hooked on Days of our Lives and then Passions started.It was so crazy yet addictive. Great Post.

    1. Thanks! Did you watch Days when Marlena was possessed? That was awesome, lol! One of the most memorable storylines, I'd have to say. And Passions! I used to watch that show! So entertaining! :D


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