soapy sundays #9

The Young and the Restless
For the weeks of 9/3-9/7 & 9/10-9/14

So. Craziness ensues over at Y&R! I don't like Sharon's character right now, but I also don't like having her evaluated by a psychiatrist due to past behavior although she is showing signs of kleptomania again. But she's deemed competent to run Newman in the absence of her husband, Victor. At first I couldn't figure out why everyone but Sharon is freaking out wondering where he is, but now that it seems he has amnesia it's all starting to make sense. 

Nikki has some dead-on psychic connection to Victor. I just wish she could've put that aside and had a happy marriage with Jack. What a shame such a beautiful wedding has gone to waste, and as I've mentioned before, I'd like Jack to be happily married. Maybe it'd tone down the obsessive business man in him. 

I loved seeing Cane in action, trying to talk Jack out of sinking everything into Newman stock. Cane warned Jack he could lose everything plus people's jobs are at stake. As messed up as it is, Jack of course has forged ahead full steam anyhow. Cane is hottt in a suit--talk business to me Cane!!! <3 lol

It's killing me that Nick and Summer have moved out away from Phyllis. It's really sad that Summer has to believe her mom had an affair with Ronan because otherwise, she'd be carrying around the real truth--that Tim died in Phyllis's apartment, and Phyllis moved his body to his own apartment along with the help of Kevin. Though I'm sad that Nick has once again abandoned Phyllis, I'm really rooting for Phyllis and Ronan to get together. 

When Michael asked him why he's laying everything on the line, including his career, for Phyllis because Michael pretty much knows Ronan and Phyllis aren't really having an affair. He knows Ronan is covering for Phyllis. Ronan answered that he's in love with her, and my heart melted into a puddle of goo!! Wow he's hot. He's there for Phyllis so much more than Nick, and when Phyllis told Nick that she doesn't tell him things because she doesn't want to see the disappointment in his eyes, I totally get that. It's true--he's so easily disgusted by the things she does. She has her flaws for sure, and she used to be a villain on the show. But she's come a long way since then, and I absolutely adore her. She's one of my fave characters. I love her to pieces. BTW, I think the actress playing Summer is great. It's difficult when kids on soaps are rapidly aged, but she's handling the role with finesse. Kudos to her! :D

The Bold and the Beautiful

I'm sad to report I haven't been able to watch this show. Now I know that Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester) is leaving the show as well as Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester), I'm devastated. What is the show gonna be without them? They've been there since the beginning. The show is the Hope/Steffy/Liam hour, and I am so completely annoyed by Liam it's hard to watch the horrible choices he makes. I wish I could shake some sense into him!! lol

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