soapy sundays #6

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Week of 8/20 - 8/24
Victor is gonna be *pissed* when he eventually comes home, but maybe if he stopped taking off without warning, then people would stop trying to take over Newman Enterprises. I swear the actress who plays the nun that Victor meets has had a minor role on the show before. A friend of mine on Twitter, Angela Iorio, let me know this actress was on the TV show, One Day at a Time.
There were some fun fireworks when Sharon takes over the company since her husband is absent. She was screaming like a crazy person! She's on a huge power trip right now, but I hope she ends up having a nervous breakdown. Is that mean to say? The situation with Tucker shows just how naiive Sharon really is. She got rid of Abby's horses--bad move, Sharon!
Nothing was funnier than Phyllis and Kevin moving Tim's dead body, and then the double entendres that ensued when Chloe stopped by because she saw Kevin's car at Phyllis's apartment. Kevin doesn't want to bring Chloe into the mess with Tim's death, so he keeps fibbing to her, which is just going to make her think he's cheating on her or something. Now Phyllis is even more in way over her head, and I didn't think that was possible! When Nick inevitably finds out, and I know he will, she's gonna lose him. I don't want to see them go back and forth again.
Awww...Chelsea and Adam are having a baby!! I'm happy for them, just think it's kinda early in their relationship. Just enjoy being married and happy you two! lol
Dear Y&R,
    Please get rid of the Restless Style show. It's boring and ridiculous!
A loyal and dedicated fan :)

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