September 30, 2012

soapy sundays #11

Week of 9/24 - 9/28
Wow, what a phenomenal week on Y&R! All I can think about is Victor coming back from "the dead." That's what the week focused on as well as where my focus was!!

Last week ended with an explosion right after Nikki hears Victor's voice on her cell phone. Monday's episode was epic--Genevieve and Sister Celeste tend to the injured men coming into the bar after the explosion, but no Victor. Genevieve and Billy are worried about what has happened to him, and then they hear the news--Victor is dead, shocking and devastating to both of them. Genevieve especially is devastated and denies that it's true. The scenes were done in slow motion without sound, and they couldn't have been done more artfully. I thought those scenes were just perfect!

Sister Celeste soon lets Genevieve in on a secret--Victor is really alive and has been hidden away since it's now obvious someone is trying to kill him. Not only is he alive, but he remembers Genevieve's name. I was shocked! And happy. But I didn't like seeing the Black Knight (one of his nicknames) so badly injured. It reminded me of when I was a kid, Victor had a stroke (or a heart attack?), and Jack (his archnemesis) left him for dead. Those were difficult scenes to watch. Eric Braedon's acting is and was stellar.

The residents of Genoa City soon find out about Victor's "death" from Billy after he comes back from L.A. As Victor's wife, Sharon is asked to identify his body. When the coroner pulled up the sheet from Victor's "body", Sharon Case, the actress playing Sharon, had a dead on horrified reaction. At first, I thought Sharon, the character, was so cold hearted, yelling at what she thought was Victor's body; however, I soon realized she knew it wasn't Victor. She asks for the body to be immediately cremated. That's just awful! That's someone's relative, and what if that isn't that person's wishes? How could she do that?? She's that hungry to run Newman? Since when has she cared about running a multi-million dollar corporation?

The next thing I know, suddenly Tucker and Sharon are planning to get married and run Newman together. Wow, really? This just screams for Victor swooping back in with his brand of justice!

Back in L.A., Victor remembers his name is Christian Miller (the name he was born with but later changed to Victor Newman after he left the orphanage, where he spent much of his childhood), and then soon remembers he is Victor Newman!! I was ecstatic!

At the memorial for Victor, Sharon, wearing a white dress, arrives with Tucker. What a bitchy thing to do. She lets everyone know she's marrying Tucker after the memorial service. That's even bitchier!! She was so fake when she spoke during the service and didn't allow any of Victor's family to say any words. Then she makes everyone go out to the grave. Not even five minutes later, she's like, "Oh, it's time for me to marry my brand new shiny husband." I was furious! Nikki really lays into her, and her lines were so awesome and delivered with spunk! Then Sharon just leaves to marry Tucker like she doesn't even care. I think it was genius though for the writers to keep building the sense of outrage and injustice of it all. That made Victor's comeback ten times better.

Gasp! Nikki asks to be alone to mourn at the gravesite, and while she cries, Victor appears!! She can't believe she's really seeing him. She starts to tell him everything that's happened, but he lets her know that he is aware of everything that's happened since he's been gone. She tells him Sharon is about to marry Tucker.

Sharon and Tucker are pronounced husband and wife. Priceless = Victor yells that they aren't with that quiet strength that is his and his alone. Everyone arrives and are stunned to see Victor alive and well. Tucker realizes Sharon knew the truth when she doesn't surprised in the slightest. Nick is stunned as are Billy and Victoria who have entered the chapel. Tucker is surprised but then realizes Sharon knew Victor wasn't dead.

Victor reveals that Tucker was paying Genevieve to keep Victor away from Genoa City, and she apologizes for her role in the situation. She's gonna have to do a lot of work to redeem herself in the eyes of her family and the other residents of Genoa City. I cheered loudly when Victor ordered Sharon to move off the ranch.

But oh Lord, Victor and Nikki are going to get together again. I do love when they're together, but they implode so badly it's painful. Inevitably, they will implode again. Nikki takes a lot of horrible treatment from Victor, and it's sad. If they're really a supercouple, then she should stand up for herself instead of chasing after him every time he decides to take off.

Tucker is angry with Sharon and won't talk to her. If you ask me, Victor isn't done with Sharon and Tucker. But he did forgive Billy for knowing he was in L.A. and keeping that knowledge a secret. I don't know what Victoria is going to do. I'd be super pissed if I thought my dad was dead only to find out my husband knew he was really alive. Super pissed!

I canNOT wait to see more of the vengeance I'm 100% sure Victor will wreak on those who have wronged him. It's gonna be awesomesauce!!!

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