June 27, 2012

WiW ~ one book at a time vs. multiple books at a time


This is a new weekly meme hosted by Lauren from Epilogue Review. Each week there will be a something vs. something topic for you to post your thoughts about. Make sure to visit Lauren at her awesome blog, Epilogue Review, and also check out the other nifty blogs also participating. :)

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The topic this week: Reading one book at a time vs. Reading multiple books at a time

I now prefer to read multiple books at a time. They can't be similar at all or else I begin to mix up storylines. :)  I used to read one book at a time because I worried I wouldn't enjoy the book as much if I didn't completely focus on it. However, I've found reading multiple books to be advantageous, especially because I like to not only read books I've received for review but also books my group on Goodreads is reading. The most I can read at a time is four. Any more than that is overwhelming. :)

Which do you prefer? One book at a time or multiple books? How many books can you read at a time, and how many would be too much?

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  1. It's very cool that you read books with a Goodreads group as well as for review! I don't know if I could keep up with that!

    1. It's definitely a challenge keeping up with all of it! :)

  2. I prefer one book at a time, but I usually read multiple books, I think I can read around 5 or 6 at the same time, but 10+ will be definitely too much ;)

    1. The most I can read at one time is 4. I agree...10+ would be too much! :)


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