September 23, 2015

Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas ~ Blog Tour: #BookReview & #Giveaway @chrysoula

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Matchbox Girls
(Senyaza Series #1)
By Chrysoula Tzavelas
Source: Copy for review

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For a thousand years, the half-breed nephilim have kept the angels and Fallen from meddling in the world. And the angels would do anything to change that. Destroy cities. Turn oceans to blood. Raise the dead. Sacrificing two powerful little girls should be easy. 

Except...the two little girls are protected by one mortal woman.

Haunted by visions of catastrophe and crippling anxiety attacks, Marley Claviger has never heard of any celestial cold war. But when the twin daughters of a friend come to her for help, she will do whatever it takes to save them. Even if it means working with Fallen, discovering the nephilim, and facing the source of her power. 

MATCHBOX GIRLS was a pleasant surprise to me. The concept of angels, demons and nephilim isn't new, but when the fae were also thrown into the mix, I was intrigued. Tzavelas took these beings and infused new energy into them and the urban fantasy genre.   

I connected with Marley right away as someone who also suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. 
Worries that seem illogical or not so bad to other people is catastrophic to me, especially worrying about something really bad happening. This is what Marley worries about the most - something terrible happening to someone. 

I loved to see great friendships among Marley, Branwyn, and Penny. It's rare to see strong female relationships in novels nowadays, and when I do come across them, I savor them! 

And oh the twins! I loved how Marley struggled a bit with the chaos they created when she first took care of them. It made the story so realistic because 4-year-old twins would be a handful. I've only had one 4-year-old at a time, so I can't imagine having two! They sound like cute girls, and I'd protect them like a mama bear as Marley does. Marley is super smart and has great instincts. She follows her gut feeling - if something doesn't feel right, she knows something is wrong, which was so refreshing to see in a heroine! 

The mystery disappearance of the twins' uncle, Zachariah and wondering how Marley would keep the girls safe from those beings who were after them kept me on the edge of my seat. I read MATCHBOX GIRLS in about three sittings, only because I had to sleep, lol.   

My only complaint is hard to explain. Some of the action was a little hard for me to picture because of the way it was described. It wasn't a huge issue or anything, and maybe it's just me. 

If you're looking for a fresh take on angels, fae, and the like, I recommend you pick up a copy of MATCHBOX GIRLS. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, INFINITY KEY. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed MATCHBOX GIRLS so much, I've already bought the sequel so hopefully I can get to it soon!   

About the Author

As an Air Force kid, Chrysoula went to twelve schools in twelve years and spent a lot of time wondering what made people tick. Books, it turned out, helped with that question. These days she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family, which includes many small and demanding creatures who fight over her attention. 

Her first book, urban fantasy MATCHBOX GIRLS, was originally published in 2012 by the small press Candlemark & Gleam, followed annually by two more books in the same SENYAZA series, all of which explore the impact of the supernatural on different lives. Her current release is a collection of short stories in the same setting, followed by another novel this autumn.

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  1. The pretty cover would draw me in and your review clinched the deal. Thanks so much for sharing this "new to me" author.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Everything about this book is awesome, and I really think it'd be right up your alley, Sherry! :)

  2. I'm so happy you enjoyed it too! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop and sharing your thoughts!

    1. You're welcome, Candace! Thanks for having me! :)

  3. I just found this blog, but I'm glad I did. I love the cover of this book, and I was introduced to Candace. Good job. Now I will sign up for their newsletter.

    1. Awesome, Misty! Glad you found me, too! Love Candace - she's an amazing person! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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