December 14, 2015

Mini Review ~ Amish Christmas Baby by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Amish Christmas Baby

Amish Christmas Baby: Book One
(Amish Secrets #1)
by Samantha Jillian Bayarr
Pages: 51 
Publication Date: 12/20/14
Source: Bought myself  
Purchase: Amazon 


When Ellie Fisher finds a baby on her doorstep on Christmas morning, what is she to do - especially when she figures out who the baby's mother is? 

Will she have the strength and the faith to do what is best for the baby and the mother, despite the fact that she is no longer able to have anymore children of her own? 

Amish Christmas Baby definitely isn't my typical read, but I picked it up when it was free, looking for holiday reads. I don't read Christian fiction and don't know much about the Amish, but I was in the mood for a Christmas-themed story to get me in the holiday spirit.

It was a quick and heartwarming read. I loved Ellie to pieces. She's the one who finds the baby on her doorstep, and I think she has a heart of gold. A remarkable woman with a kind heart who thinks of her family first and what she can do to take care of them. 

I was put off that a mother would just dump her baby off in the snow. What if no one had heard the baby crying? I felt bad for the mother, but her baby could have gotten very sick, or even worse, died! 

There was a lot of repetition with Ellie wanting the baby and wondering whether it'd be better for her to raise the baby or the mother to take care of the baby, since she knows who the mother is. The repetition caused me to knock off a star. 

Amish Christmas Baby is just the beginning of a little series. I'm not really interested in continuing on with the series, but other readers will likely enjoy it. Not quite how I hoped this first one would turn out, but a heartstrings tugging kind of short story nevertheless with well developed characters. 

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