June 6, 2013

Think Out Loud #12 ~ "Reminder All Emergency Services Will Be Suspended"

Hey everyone! I'm now going to join the meme Think Out Loud hosted by Thinks Books. With this meme, you can post anything you want! Get to know other bloggers outside of the bookish realm. :) Click on the link to go to her blog and sign up. :) The posts go up on Thursdays or whenever you'd like. :D

I've been slacking the last couple weeks with my Think Out Louds. Sorry Thinks Books! Don't kick me out, please! LOL. :) 

Here I go again with movies. Can't help myself! Tomorrow night, one of my besties Jill and I are gonna see The Purge!!! First of all, this movie looks great and has actors Lena Headey and Ethan Hawke in it - love both of them! Secondly, I get out of the house and away for a well deserved night of scary goodness. :D 

Besides books, horror movies make me super happy. I think this movie is more thriller than horror, but I'm sure there will still be plenty of scares to go around. Jill's niece and her friend are going with us. I'm not sitting on the end, lol! 

I can't wait!!!!!!!!! I want to get out of the house - I feel like a prisoner here sometimes you know? - and it's a movie I've been dying, positively dying to see since I first saw the preview. 

Anyone going to see The Purge this weekend? 


  1. Oh my freaking goodness, I knew by your title you were going to talk about this movie coming out! I can't stop thinking about it. I look around my apartment and wonder how would I survive that. I remember in Shaun of the Dead when he went to his girlfriend's apt and they had to get to the car with slow moving zombies doing their hungry walk.

    You certainly deserve to go out and play! I went to Star Trek last weekend with my sister. You'll have to do a post about it!

    1. Lol, it was the perfect title, hee hee! :D I don't know how I'd survive it, either! Apparently the main characters must be a rich family 'cause they have this elaborate system to defend their house. It makes me think about Panic Room with Jodie Foster. I remember that moment in Shaun of the Dead! At least the zombies were slow and not climbing up over walls (hello World War Z!). :O

      Aw, thanks! A night out will be just what I need! I'm going crazy this week - it's the week that never seems like it's gonna end!! I was going to do a post about Star Trek tonight, but I got lazy, lol. I will soon, though. Did you love it??

    2. I loved Star Trek! I loved it from start to finish, and the bad guy, WOW! Mmm. Wow. I love the preview for World War Z. The plane scene is so dang scary! Panic room was a whole different type of scary though. Remember that scene with the sledge hammer? I screeched along with the characters. I had the kind of week where I needed it to last longer so I could get as much done as possible before next week (last week of school...then a trip to Iowa!)

    3. I'm so glad you loved it, and it sounds like you loved it as much as I did! :D Yeah, the bad guy was definitely wow, lol.

      Haha, I'm going to see World War Z, too. :D It looks scary - zombies that can climb up a wall?? How do you kill those??

      A lot of people are comparing The Purge to Panic Room. It isn't a horror movie; it's more of a thriller. I read one reviewer called it a dystopian thriller, and I agree with that. I really liked it. If I'm not too lazy tomorrow, I'll try to post about it. :D

  2. Is it just me? The scary chick on the right kinda looks like Sophia Vergara (sp?) the sexy Latina from Modern Family. LOL. I really don't do scary movies but I am SO tempted with this one because I LOVE Ethan Hawke. I hope you let us know how it was!

    1. She looks like Sophia Vegara could be under there, lol! Speaking of her, she's going to be in the new Robert Rodriguez movie, which is the sequel to a movie called Machete starring Danny Trejo. Crazy! Lady Gaga is gonna be in it, too, lol.

      It was a really tense movie but not scary as in not horror movie scary. I'd define this as a thriller, so if you like those, give this one a try. :)


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