Wake Up! We're No Longer Dead by Mindy Larson ~ Release Day Blitz with Excerpt!

After reading and reviewing the first book of this series by Mindy Larson back in December and LOVING it, I want to share with you the Release Day Blitz for the second book, Wake Up! We're No Longer Dead

Happy Release Day!

The link to my review of book one can be found below the book's cover.  

Title: Wake Up! We're No Longer Dead 
Series: Pre-Earth #2
Author: Mindy Larson
Publication date: May 20th 2014
Publisher: Lavish Publishing

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Hadley and Dominic seem to have it all. Each other. A beautiful little girl named Piper. Endless amounts of time. Fulfilling assignments as spirit guides. 

But Piper is not like the rest of them.

What would you risk? What would you give up to secure your loved ones safety? 

Fear drives Dom and Hadley to give up everything when they leave Piper behind on the only place the Masters can't go. The Purple Planet. 

Piper may look the part, gifted with the soothing tones of lavender, her eyes, hair, even her skin is kissed with a purpled glow, but she's different. She is special. She's alive. Fitting in, in the afterlife, proves to be more than difficult, even after she finds her soul mate, Aiden Hall. He is not only a resident but he runs the bar next door. Just when they reconnect and despite everything Hadley and Dominic gave up, Piper doesn't stay hidden long. 

The Masters are back and Piper is taken where she belongs to Pre-Earth. 

Attempting and failing at making contact with Piper from the other side, Aiden feels as if there's no other choice but to follow his heart. All the while knowing the risks are great.

Struggling with their reality neither Piper or Aiden remember a thing past waking up. Both feel as if they should remember something. Someone. But what? And who? 

Will they end up together once more? Or will they choose to follow an easier path? 

“Piper. This is the new owner of the bar next door. New owner, this is Piper Morris, the owner of Bliss Bakery.”
“Hello, Piper,” her name has come out in knife like sharpness. I gather myself and tell her, “Nice to meet you.”
Her face pulls. “Nice to meet you, too.”
My insides feel funny when she looks at me; things begin to contort and twist together. Proving to me that she remembers me, I feel our souls weave together. I don’t know what to say to her; I consider asking her to play a game of checkers, but instead, I tell her that I am pleased to meet her. Again.
It makes her laugh. “Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too,” she mutters.
Why must we play this charade? What is she up to? Now that we’re the same age again, I long to take her in my arms. Kiss her deeply. Take her home with me. I’ve missed her terribly.
Without planning to, I take a step closer to her. “How are you, today?”
“Doing well, thanks. You?” She asks, playing with her hair. The same way she used to. Twisting it between her fingers. My hand flexes, wanting to touch her.
“I’m great.” My mundane words hover from me to her and back again. What I really want to do is reach out and put an end to this ordinary conversation that is unworthy of her and of us. But I fight the urge. And I just continue to stand there. Staring at her.
Mia senses something’s up and darts her eyes to me and then to Piper. She raises a lone eyebrow and clears her throat, reminding us that we’re not alone.
“So, I need to go,” Mia inhales sharply, wrinkling her nose, and then finishes, “Do something.”
Piper nods.
Making me somewhat jealous, Mia touches Piper on the shoulder. With a sly smile, Mia evaporates, leaving glitter sparkling in her wake.
“Wonder what’s up with her,” Piper says with a soft laugh as she picks off a piece of glitter from her arm.
I shrug.
Swatting away the remaining pieces of Mia’s glitter, Piper meets my eyes before I must look away. Through the last bits of sparkle, Piper waves her arm. “She gets like that sometimes.”
I nod a couple of times and casually step closer to her. I am so close I can smell her. Soft lavender and baked goods. It makes me dizzy, and it overpowers me for a moment. We stand in silence; it’s both comfortable and uncomfortable.
Gathering myself, I break first, “Well, it was really nice to meet you, Piper.” And again her name comes out all wrong, like a cough. I feel horrible.
“Nice to meet you…” Piper’s eyes grow large as she draws out the word you, revealing her desire to know my name. She’s pretending not to know me too. Interesting.
Should I tell her my name? Liking the idea of telling her the truth, my body warms. Before I can utter a word, a charge lingers between us and intensifies quickly. She’s in my head. Literally in my head. I can feel her rummaging around, sifting through my thoughts, rearranging them and placing them all around, looking for another, and another, searchingly. It makes me squirm. Although I like that she wants to be in there, I block her. I am not ready for this.
A quick shiver causes my thoughts to fall steadily back into place like crystals at the bottom of a snow globe.
A stunned expression is veiled upon her pretty face as if she’s been slapped. I feel bad. Horrible. And I almost wish I’d left her to snoop. Almost.
Breaking the silence, I suggest, “You can call me, Mr. Hall.”
Ironing out the expression from a moment ago, a perplexed expression washes over her and disappointment overcomes me.
Mr. Hall? What is wrong with me?’
The chilly sensation of my lie crawls over me. I want to tell her that my name is Aiden. I really do. I don’t know what exactly, but something is stopping me. Enabling me to continue the charade promises of telling her who I am later attach themselves to me.
“Um, ok,” she snorts, wrinkling her nose. “Mr. Hall.”
I nearly choke as I say, “Ok, Piper.” I try to correct myself by saying it in my head over and over again and until it begins to sound funny and foreign. Piper. Piper. Piper. One thing is certain: her name is not foreign to me. It’s the most familiar name in my vocabulary. I know it better than my own name. Piper, Piper, Piper. As to why I can’t say it without trouble beats me. Piper. Piper. Piper.
Breaking the song in my head, she stabs me with the sharp edge of her tone when she says, “Yeah. I get it. I’mspecial.”
“Yeah, I’m different.” Piper sighs, folding her arms across her chest and then asks, “Do you have a first name or do you just want me to call you, Mr. Hall?”
“Yeah, just Mr. Hall. That’s me,” I scoff, and I’m all tingly. It feels funny. Electric. Lies have a way of burning you even in the afterlife. “Anyway, guess I should be going,” I say tentatively, hoping she’ll tell me not to go, or better yet, beg me to stay.
When she doesn’t say a word, I turn to leave.
“Thanks for the coffee,” I pause and trip over her name once more, “Piper.” Feeling like I just ruined everything, I leave.
That was not how our reunion was supposed to go.
They’re should’ve been fireworks.
A band.

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Blitz organized by: Lavish Publishing 


  1. I've never heard of this. I feel like I'm missing out on something.

    1. I really loved the first book, and I have the second book and prequel to read and review. I hope you get a chance to check out this series. Thank you for stopping by, Kym! :)


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