February 26, 2015

Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright ~ Blog Tour: #Review

Welcome to the "Fire Baptized" Mini tour brought to you by the lovely Kenya Wright! 
If you're in the mood for Urban Fantasy, Diversity and Unapologetic characters, you've found your kryptonite!

Book Title: Fire Baptized
Author Name: Kenya Wright
ISBN Number: 0985023007
Publisher: Pursuit
Page Number: 286
Format (e.g. paperback, ebook, etc.): ebook
Genre(s): Interracial Paranormal Romance

Release Date: Jan 28, 2012


Since the 1970s humans have forced supernaturals to live in caged cities. Silver brands embedded in their foreheads identify them by species: a full moon for Vampires, a crescent moon for Shifters, a pair of wings for Fairies, and the list goes on, for each supernatural species has been tagged and categorized by humans. 

Lanore Vesta is marked with a silver X, the brand of Mixbreeds, second-class citizens shunned by society. She stays to herself, revealing her ability to create fire only during emergencies. All she wants to do is graduate college and stop having to steal to survive. But when she stumbles upon a murder in progress, she catches the attention of a supernatural killer. Now all she wants is to stop finding dead bodies in her apartment. 

Enlisting help from her Were-cheetah ex-boyfriend MeShack and a new mysterious friend named Zulu, she is steered through the habitat s raunchy nightlife. But their presence sometimes proves to be more burden than help, as they fight for her attention. 

While the corpses pile up, and the scent of blood fills the air, Lanore is left wondering: will she find the psycho or die trying?

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Fire Baptized reminded me how much I love urban fantasy. This story far exceeded my hopes. I found myself immediately hooked on Lanore's world and raced through all the way to the end. I didn't want it to be over, and I'm happy this is the first of a series. Not only that, but it's a celebration of diversity in books, specifically urban fantasy!    

Lanore is a "mixbreed" supe who can create fire and is just all-around kickass. Loved her! She's on her way home when she stumbles upon a murder, and the murderer apparently knows who she is because she finds a threatening note on her apartment door. The murder scene was pretty gruesome, so the note on the door really ratcheted up the tension. I remember shivering a lot during that part.   

Fire Baptized has a really well done love triangle. Neither one of the potential love interests for Lanore annoyed me! Both of them were good with her. It isn't very often I stumble across a triangle where I wouldn't mind the character ending up with both, but this is one of those rare times. I have to say, I think I'd have a hard time resisting MeShack if I was Lanore since they already have a romantic history and live together, but then again listening to him have sex with other women would kill the attraction.

But the love triangle is not the focus of the book by any means. There's action and well fleshed-out characters - all kinds of supernatural beings such as shapeshifters, witches, vampires, and fairies. There's the murderer running about. There's the tension between humans and supes as well as tension between "purebloods" and "mixbreeds" within the supes. All the elements of the plot come together cohesively, and you're left devouring the book because it's just that good. You need to know what's going to happen next! 

I thought it was super clever that each district in Fire Baptized (five in total) of the habitat is named and themed after a Santeria god or goddess. I also thought it was completely realistic that humans discriminated against supes since they know their existence. It seems like that would happen in real life if humans found out supernatural beings live among us.   

I'm a fan of Ms. Wright and am looking forward to continuing this series and checking out her other novels. Fire Baptized is highly highly recommended!       

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  1. I love Kenya and really enjoyed this series :-)

    1. I saw you had reviewed it and haven't checked it out yet because when I saw it, I hadn't finished this book yet. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews! Thanks so much for stopping by! :D


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