You'll Never Guess My Pick This Month! ~ When Life's Kicking Your Butt, How About a Theme Song? #4

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Omigodit'sFebruaryhowdidthathappen??? This month the theme is Go Big Or Go Home! 
This meme was created and hosted by Robyn from robgirlbooks

I started thinking about what I was going to choose, and it took me until today to figure out what I wanted to do. You know how sometimes you're trying to make a decision and nothing seems right in your gut? Then you get an idea, and wham! You just know this is it. You know it's super awesome because you're excited to share it. That's what happened to me this month. :D 


What did you think? I heard them at ACL this past October but didn't get to see them. They played either right after the Cults or during. I wish I had 'cause I'm obsessed with them now!! 

Here's my past picks: 

"Good Vibrations"        Beach Boys
"Digital Witness"          St. Vincent
"I Wanna Get Better"   Bleachers
"All About That Bass"   Meghan Trainor

What song is big for you this month? 


  1. Excellent pick, Jennifer!! I didn't recognize the band name...but I did know the song! *ha* It took my family awhile to come up with this picks for this theme. I went with Thriller. *ha*

    1. I discovered them when they played at ACL. I mean, I missed seeing them, but I didn't know who they were so I investigated most of the bands when the schedule came out before the festival. Thriller is an awesome pick! I debated for a long time what to pick for this month, lol. xx

  2. "They call me a walking dreamer." I love that. My sister put this song on one of my mixed CD's. She's a total music girl and is responsible for most of the stuff I listen to. Sometimes I get a win and introduce her to something. Too bad you missed them at ACL, but you won't miss them next chance you get! I love the video. Great pick, Jennifer!!

    1. I didn't know who they were until I saw them on the lineup for ACL. Before I went, I made a list of artists and songs on Spotify to listen to before I went. I just bought their album with this song on it the other day. It was on sale! I definitely don't want to miss them next chance I get! Thanks, Robyn!! xx


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