February 21, 2012

autumn or winter?

The winter blues have got me down. Yeah, I know it hasn't really been much of a winter so far here in Ohio. It's more like autumn has run all the way into February, except it isn't very pretty outside like the true autumn season. At least in fall there are beautiful leaves changing colors, bright orange pumpkins, and the pleasant scent of wood stoves fired up to keep houses warm. Even the sunshine is gorgeus.

Yesterday was actually a beautiful day. The sun was out and shining, and you could see a lot of blue sky. Days like that are hard to come by this time of year in this area, and when I actually wake up to one, I realize more than ever how much the weather affects my mood. I need the sun!

Since it hasn't been snowing, the days are mostly drab--the trees are bare, the sky is overcast, and it's been raining quite a bit with mud everywhere. I'd rather see some snow! I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority around here, and don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining just to be complaining. Honestly! I don't mean I want ten feet of snow or anything, but a dusting would be great, without any ice of course! I absolutely love sitting with my kids and watching the snow gently falling outside, knowing we're warm and dry inside our house. I feel extremely peaceful and at ease.

I just hope the winter doesn't show up in March with the intention of settingup camp until May. If that happens, I'm going to seriously regret asking for any snow period!


  1. It seems like after Valentines Day it is always the long wait for spring. I start to get antsy and can't wait for winter to be over. Spring is my most favorite season and I can't wait to see color again!

    I agree, autumn is way better than winter! Truly, if it weren't for the holidays, I really wouldn't like winter at all. I am not a person who likes to be cold! I love sunshine and warmth.

    1. I do love the holidays, and I love some snow although not the cold! :) Usually by this time, it has snowed so much that I get sick of it and long for spring. I agree with you...this stretch of time after Valentine's Day seems to last forever until things start growing again and the weather starts warming up. I need the sun!


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