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February 7, 2012

On the news back in December of '09, it was reported that a mother of two young boys, Susan Powell, went missing in Utah. This happened not long after my son was born, and I remember looking at him, wanting to protect not just my children but all children from any of the terrible things that could happen in life. There are times still to this day that I cannot help but be afraid of all the possible scenarios where either something happens to me or someone I love. I think we all experience this at one time or another; we just have to find a way to live for each day and not allow the fear to overwhelm us or take over our lives.

As a fellow mother, it seemed I could feel the pain she must have been feeling.  I was both horrified that she went missing yet hopeful that she would be found. I followed most of the news regarding the search and investigation. Not once did I think the father's (Josh Powell) story made any sense. Who takes his young sons camping at midnight in freezing temperatures? This didn't sound likely to me at all, and I always thought there was something not quite right about him.

While watching T.V. late Monday night, my sister and I happened to be watching MSNBC where we saw the news that Josh Powell had burned his house down while he was inside of it with his two boys. I couldn't believe it--I just sat there in shock, trying to imagine what those boys must have endured. Their lives ended much too soon, and every opportunity they could have had in life was stolen from them by their own father. Their own father, who had professed to love them and claimed he was staying strong for them.  

I can't help but think that Josh Powell was involved in his wife's disappearance, and I think she is probably dead. Her own parents believe she is dead. He proved he was a violent man and capable of murder when he took a hatchet to his sons and burned down his house with the three of them locked inside. With the pictures of Susan Powell that authorities found in the possession of Mr. Powell's father last fall, I think it's also likely he was involved right along with his son.  There is definitely something off with him. I don't even want to say what other kinds of pictures Mr. Powell's father was found to have.

The authorities reported the mystery behind Susan Powell's disappearance may never be solved. Just when I didn't believe this situation could be any more tragic, now her parents have not only very likely lost their daughter but also their grandchildren. It must be hard to have no closure, to never know what has happened to your daughter. My heart goes out to Susan Powell, her children, and her parents. May this never happen to another family.


  1. I saw the news article about this on yahoo yesterday and actually spent some time reading back about the case. It really is a tragedy for those poor boys and I can only hope that the grandfather gets punished for his involvement in all of it.

    Completely unrelated, I love your blog because it is ORANGE! Only the best color ever! :D

    1. I hope their grandfather gets punished, too, because I believe with all my heart he knew about his missing daughter-in-law and played a part in this tragedy.

      Thank you so much!

  2. I heard about this just today! in school, my teacher explained everything. I wanted to burst into tears right there and then! :( appearently one of the kids was drawing a family picture in school, and someone asked then where his mom was, and instead of avoiding the question like the children usually did (probably because the father said not to say anything), he said "In the trunk". so now, there's an investigation going on with the car and everything. It's so sad.

    1. This entire situation is sad and bizarre. I believe the kids were on the brink of revealing what they knew about that fateful night and have been silenced forever. Something was obviously not right with Josh Powell and his father.


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