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Title: Enter the Night (Book 2 in the Casters Series) 
Authors: Norah Wilson & Heather Doherty 
Release date: October 11th 2013
Age Group: Young Adult/New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
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~ Synopsis ~

In Comes the Night, Alex Robbins, Brooke Saunders and Maryanne Hemlock, three troubled seniors at Streep Academy, learned to escape their pain - escape their very bodies - by casting a dark piece of themselves out through the stained glass window high in the attic of their dorm, Harvell House.

Casting has been the salvation of each of the girls, but particularly for Maryanne. The wholesome good girl of the trio, Maryanne nevertheless harbors a secret - and a darkness - unrivaled by tattooed scenester Alex or beautiful badass Brooke. Casting provides Maryanne a desperately needed reprieve from her guilt and pain, but it's become like a drug. And as with any drug, it only masks the real problems...and brings dangers of its own.

When Maryanne starts dating Bryce Walker, grandson of the notorious "Heller" hunter Ira Walker, is it first love, or is there a darker, more self-destructive impulse at play? As the superstitious citizens of Mansbridge begin to mutter and scan the night skies for Hellers, can the hunted lie down with the hunter and emerge unscathed?

~ My Thoughts ~ 

My Rating: 5 / 5
Reading Enter the Night was like visiting with old friends. I read the first one a few months ago, but it feels like it was just last week. I jumped into the story without any trouble at all and remembered everything that happened in the first book without going back and rereading it. I have a really bad memory, too, so for me to remember everything from a few months ago is amazing. This is a vividly written series!
This second book of the Casters Series takes place not long after Comes the Night when Maryanne, Alex, and Brooke arrive back to their dorm at school after break. Each of these girls has pain so deep it's palpable - Maryanne is living with grief and guilt in the aftermath of her baby brother's death, Alex desperately wants to feel safe again after being raped, and Brooke isn't loved by her mother and rebels against authority in an attempt to get her mother's attention. It isn't any wonder that the trio want to cast out and feel some relief for a while. 
The problem with their solution is that it's temporary and dangerous as well. With Bryce's family being "Heller" hunters, it becomes more dangerous for Maryanne, Alex, and Brooke to cast out. Sightings of them are being reported all over town, and they aren't being as careful to remain unseen as they were before. Not only all of this is going on, but Maryanne begins dating Bryce, who seems to be preparing to hunt down the "Hellers." As much as I didn't want the girls to have to stop casting out, I also thought it isn't worth their lives.
There was so much emotion from each girl's perspective that just pours from the pages. I can feel their pain as if that pain were my own. The action was so intense that I don't think I could've gripped my Kindle any tighter. The characters are well written, and I have really come to love all three of the girls - Maryanne, Alex, and Brooke. They have their funny moments, their sad ones, and the ones where they're hiding parts of themselves from each other. No matter what, these three girls are always there for each other and treat each other as though they grew up as sisters.
Norah Wilson and Heather Doherty took an original and exciting idea that held a lot of promise and turned it into a story that's highly addictive and action packed. This second book of the series held me enthralled even more than the first one did, and I didn't think that would be possible remembering how I felt during all of the action in the first book. Together the authors took this story and upped the ante with all sorts of new problems and complications the girls must face. I really love seeing the girls work together through these new complications - it's where they get their chance to truly shine. 

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~ Book One ~

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Comes the Night (Casters #1)
by Norah Wilson & Heather Doherty
Release date: December 9th 2012 

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~ Synopsis ~ 

How far would you go to escape your own personal teenage hell? Would you run away, break away from everything you know - even your own body? 

Alex Robbins, Brooke Saunders and Maryanne Hemlock could not be more different, yet they all have something in common - deep and soul-searing pain. They are also all students at Streep Academy, a boarding school just one step away from juvie, where they've come to complete high school. The three have been relegated to Harvell House, the residence reserved for the hardest cases, the so-called Rejects from Reject Row. 

In the forbidden attic of the old Victorian house-turned-residence, the girls discover the diary of Connie Harvell, a young woman who was confined and abused there some 50 years ago. In the end, Connie's attic prison couldn't hold her - not completely. She found a way out. At least a dark part of her did. And after reading her diary, the girls discover they can escape at will too. A terrifying, thrilling flight from their bodies and their troubles. 

But God help them, their pain isn't all they leave behind when they join with the night. And God help anyone who's wronged them...

~ About the Authors: Norah Wilson & Heather Doherty ~

NORAH WILSON is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, with her husband, two adult children, dog Chloe, and kitty Ruckus.

HEATHER DOHERTY fell in love with writing while taking creative writing courses at Athabasca University. Motivated by her university success and a lifelong dream of becoming a novelist, she later enrolled in the Humber School for Writers under the mentorship of David Adams Richards. Her first literary novel was published in 2006. While still writing dark literary (as well as not-so-dark children's lit), she is beyond thrilled to be writing paranormal/horror with Norah. Heather lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick with her family. (No pets but she swears Norah's dog, Chloe, calls her Aunt Heather).

Together, Heather and Norah write dark, edgy, frightening young adult paranormal/horror.

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