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 Q: What are some of your favorite magazines?

I like the question this week again! I love Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Soap Opera Digest, Psychology Today, and Game Informer. 

Rolling Stone has been like a staple of my life for the past fifteen or so years. There are so many covers that kick ass, and I'm a huge fan of music. If it weren't for music, I wouldn't be able to cope with some of the emotions that can be destructive to my overall health. Plus music is a great way to express those emotions that are difficult to otherwise put into words. I love how a lot of authors are including playlists with their books lately. 

I love Spin magazine nearly as much as I love Rolling Stone. They've featured some super awesome bands I love, and it's always fun to find out more about them behind the scenes of making albums and touring. 

Entertainment Weekly is always informative when it comes to TV and movies, even books too. 

I'm a soap enthusiast as I've added above under my blog name, and so reading Soap Opera Today is an absolute must for me. I haven't read it in quite a while to be honest because my husband's grandmother stopped subscribing to it and it's expensive to buy one issue at a time. I might get a subscription sometime - I miss it terribly. I always enjoy reading what other soap fans think about current storylines. 

I read Psychology Today more online than I do in actual magazine form. I usually borrow issues from the library as I do all the other magazines. I don't think our library carries Soap Opera Digest, which I wish they really did. Sometimes I just stand in the checkout at Walmart and glance through it, lol!

For two years we had a subscription to Game Informer from Gamestop, which I would renew for my husband's birthday. We're both really into video games. I used to play Final Fantasy XIII every week until Netflix. Netflix then took over my life. If I had a choice between reading and watching Netflix or playing video games, I'm gonna read. And blog. Read and blog. ;D 

What are your favorite magazines? Do you like to read them in actual magazine form or on your e-reader or online? I don't have an e-reader in color, so I don't read magazines on an e-reader personally. If I did, I probably would. :D  


  1. Awesome pick! Old follower (:


  2. Back when I had my Playstation 1 I was a huge Final Fantasy addict! I would play for hours (pretty much whenever my husband would relinquish the tv). With the four CDs it seemed like the game just went on and on and on. But then when we got the PS2 and I got the newest FF on it (I don't remember which one it was) there was only one disk and over much to quickly and I sort of drifted away.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

    1. I didn't have a Playstation until I started dating my now husband. Then I was wondering how I had grown up without one, lol. With FF 13 (there's also FF 13 Part 2!!), you can either complete all the missions once you reach a certain point in the game, or you can choose to skip them and play on to the end. I'm choosing to do the missions, and you would not believe the hours I've put into that game. But damn, I love every minute of it! ;)

      Isn't it amazing how games used to take up four discs? I had no idea until you mentioned that. My husband just bought The Walking Dead with Daryl and his brother Merle, so I'm excited to play that one, too. :D


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