Really Cool Weekend!

My group of friends from high school - we're still causing trouble to this day <3

From left to right: me (pink hair lol), my son in front of me, my friend Jessica's daughter next to my son, Jill, Erin (yellow scarf), Lauren, Lena (back), Morgan (green hoodie), Jessica (back), and Sarah (blue shirt) 

We're missing Katie and Jami. Katie wasn't able to come up from Texas to join us. Friday was her birthday, too, so we toasted her at the bar after the football game. (The kids were dropped off at home before the bar, lmao!!) 

First, we met up at our local Mexican restaurant, La Palma.
Lena & Sarah <3

Then off to the football game at our old high school! 

Something must have been super funny to me & Jill lol 

Jill, Lena, & Sarah @ the game 

Lauren & Lena, sisters who actually get along ;D 
I'm in the background pretending I'm not there, lol 

Lauren, Me, & Lena 

The UHS Marching Band's Senior Show 
Ah, the memories! 

Jessica <3

Jack & me at the football game

Doesn't look like much to anyone who wasn't part of our group. ;) 
However, this was THE spot we hung out at during lunch before we got our driver's licenses. We stayed warm here in the winter, too. Our school was soooo drafty!

So after the game and the kiddos were dropped off, we all went out together to the bar and had a blast. I really miss our group - we've all gone off in different directions and most of us have moved away except me and Jessica. But we all still stay in touch regularly and having graduated high school fourteen years ago (omigod!!) that's pretty damn good. 

It's my dream one day to have a picture of all of us and our kids. That's my goal.

It'll be a challenge - Lauren, Lena, and Morgan live in Austin, Sarah lives an hour away, Erin lives an hour away, Jill will be moving back to New York, so...that's why this weekend was so special to me. It's so rare so many of us can get together at one time. 

How was your weekend guys??

*Edit: All photos (except the selfie of me and Jack) taken by Morgan Colbert. Click here to check out her insanely awesome photography skills on Instagram. She's extremely modest, but the girl's got skills. :D *  


  1. Awww, I love get-together like this.

    1. Thank you - it was really cool. :)

  2. I'm glad you had such a great time Jennifer! Ah, I can feel the nostalgia, good luck on getting that picture!

    1. Thank you, Tilly! I grinned when you wrote, "Ah, I can feel the nostalgia.." :D Thanks, 'cause I'm gonna need it! ;)

  3. Wow, I feel all dreamy. What a blast. My high school friends live on Guam (or all over the dang world). I haven't seen them since about 1995. Sadness. I love your hang out spot in school. We hung out in the guidance counselor's office because there was air conditioning and no supervision. You looked like you had so much fun.

    I hope you get your wish to have everyone and their kids meet up for a get together.

    1. I couldn't imagine not seeing my friends for so long. In one way or another, direct or indirect, they all played a role in my recovery after my mom died. We all came together as one big group of friends when my mom was first diagnosed. Lauren and Lena's mom, Lucy, brought us groceries one day, and I'll never forget that day. That gesture that Lucy didn't see as a big deal meant the world to me.

      I got to see Lucy this weekend, too, and she and I talked about that day. My mom was lying in a hospital bed in our living room in a semi coma. She heard Lucy talking to my dad, and her eyes fluttered open briefly. Lucy jokes around saying my mom was probably wondering who was in her house, lol.

      I'm wondering about your school where there is no supervision in a guidance counselor's office - the one place I'd expect there to be the most, lmao!!!

      Thank you, Robyn, I do too. xo

    2. This cranky old nun was the guidance counselor. I guess she thought the college course books and prep books lining the shelves would keep us on the straight and narrow. That day when Lucy brought groceries is an amazing moment.

    3. Were you guys on the straight and narrow? lol ;) I'll never forget the day Lucy brought groceries. She did more for us by that simple gesture than a bunch of my own family.

  4. I just saw this. What a fun time we had. :) and thanks for the instagram shout out. I keep thinking about our marching return just last year. The season is right around the corner!


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