Think Out Loud #3: The End is Coming Soon

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Hey everyone! I'm now going to join the meme Think Out Loud hosted by Thinks Books. With this meme, you can post anything you want! Get to know other bloggers outside of the bookish realm. :)Click on the link to go to her blog and sign up. :) The posts go up on Thursdays. :D

It's really gonna suck when The Walking Dead's season three ends on the 31st. That means there's only three more episodes! :'(  I'll have to watch seasons one and two on Netflix to survive until October. It'd be really cool if Netflix would add season three before October but...yeah, that won't happen I'm sure. :/

Can I just say that I love this man? I. Love. Daryl. Dixon. <3 It's so crazy because I really hated the character the first season. But then he went off searching for a missing little girl, and my heart thawed out. A lot.

Norman Reedus just jumps off the screen as Daryl, yet he isn't on nearly as much as some of the other characters, especially this season. I heard nothing about the character until a couple months ago. Bam! Everyone seems to love him, and it just came out of nowhere. I was really shocked because most of my friends are like, "What?! You love Daryl!?"

I think the popularity of Daryl is a testament to the acting skills of Norman Reedus. And his hotness. ;) The character doesn't even exist at all in the graphic novels. I say thanks everyday to TPTB that the character was created for TV. <3


  1. Okay, I just did my first think out loud. I haven't watched this series. But I love end of the world strife stuff. Here's my think.

    1. Hi Robyn!! This series rocks!! It started out as a series of graphic novels, which was then turned into the show. There are some major differences from what a friend of mine has told me. She's giving me copies of the graphic novels, and I can't wait to read them! Do you like graphic novels? I'm heading over to check out your Think Out Loud now. :)

    2. Zombies scare me!!! Great TOL!


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