December 4, 2013

Cover Reveal ~ Finding Narragansett by Shane Morgan

Title: Finding Narragansett
Author: Shane Morgan
Expected Release Date: December 30th 2013
Publisher: TSW Books

Cover Reveal organized by: Shane Morgan @ IFB

~ Synopsis ~

Julian is returning to Narragansett, Rhode Island after 10 years. 

It's supposed to be an 'in and out' trip - make peace with her heart then return to Manhattan immediately. Julian has no idea just what her deceased father has in store for her. 

A turn of events prolongs her stay. Soon after, Julian finds herself learning to trust the family that had denied her in the past. 

But just as she starts to discover the other side of herself, Julian gets entangled in a web of lies and unexpectedly finds romance amidst it all.

~ About the Author ~

Shane Morgan is a writer of Young Adult and Adult fiction. She enjoys contemporary, fantasy, romance, and horror. Her belief is that imaginations can never be too wild. If you're thinking it, then the story is already written inside your head. It's simply time to share it with the rest of the world.

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