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Title: Demon Killer
Series: Stand Alone
Author: Myra Nour
Publication date: July 2014 (Originally published in an Anthology Shifter, NCP in 2002)
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Paranormal
Editions/Formats Available: eBook

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Attacked by a soldier of the demon race, a young woman has a child from their union. To her horror, he bears the mark of the demon, and her people will stop at nothing to kill it. Being part fairy, Azra uses her magic to try and save her child from his demon blood. In spite of her best efforts, he briefly turns into the monstrous Sartwor beast, slaying her entire village.

A perilous journey to the home of the pure blood fairies ensues as she races to save Bretuck before he turns into the beast again. This time she may not be able to pull him from the grasp of the creature ruling his body. Can a mother's love prevail over her son's cursed blood? 

Demons have always terrified me more than any other supernatural being, even more than zombies, maybe because the first horror movie I watched was about demons. So I'll read or watch anything with demons in it because I like to be scared (but know I'm ACTUALLY safe!), and when I read the synopsis for Demon Killer, I knew I had to read it! 

I couldn't imagine being Azra - giving birth to a perfectly normal-looking baby (except for his ruby red eyes) who has demon blood and later turns into a creature from hell? I felt such sympathy for her! She went to great lengths to save him from the villagers, who wanted to kill him before he had the chance to turn into a monster. She goes to even greater lengths after he slays her village.  

Demon Killer has some intense and horrifying moments, and it's what I imagine the story of Rosemary's Baby to be like if it had a sequel and took place in a village where fairies and witches exist. Myra Nour's novella is so imaginative and so descriptive, I became caught up in the story right away and held on for dear life for the wild ride until the end. 

I really like the theme surrounding Demon Killer - how far would a mother go to save her son? Can a mother's love save her son? The story was amazing and well told - if you want to indulge in allowing your imagination to run away from you, I recommend giving Demon Killer a try.         

My Rating: 

Myra has been published since 2001 with Ellora's Cave and New Concepts Publishing. She decided in 2014 to take some of her books the Indie route, starting with Demon Killer. Myra loves to write stories with a mix of romance, s/f, paranormal and fantasy elements. Since April 2012 she is the CEO and co-owner of BTS Book Reviews, a digital magazine dedicated to promoting authors work and bringing great books to readers. Magazine at:

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