December 6, 2014

My Flash Friday Entry #9

Here's my entry for Flash! Friday from November 28th hosted by Rebekah Postupak

Today we were required to do the following:
  • Use the below photo
  • Include coming of age
  • Word count 140 - 160

The photo prompt:

Your Hand in Mine/Goodbye. CC2 photo by Tony.    

~ Goodbye to the Land ~
160 words

Tendrils of my dark wavy hair fall down to just below my shoulder blades as I take out my ponytail holder. The rain kisses my hair causing dripping wet tresses, but I don't mind. I am about to become soaking wet from the ocean anyhow. 

At the edge of the water, I begin walking into it, carrying the umbrella with me. No one is at the beach today - the rain has driven everyone but me away. The deeper the water gets, the heavier my dress feels. I wonder what will become of it once the transformation is complete. I suppose it won't matter. 

Once the water comes up to my neck, I open up the umbrella. I dip under the water and ease the umbrella down with me. Immediately I feel the process of losing my human legs beginning. My coming of age ceremony is just beginning. 

I bid a warm farewell to the life I had on land.

*  *  *  *  *  *

I think I could have done a lot better with the photo prompt for this one, especially with incorporating a coming of age theme. I'm disappointed with this writing - it doesn't feel terribly original, and I think I limited myself somehow. This photo makes me think of all kinds of possibilities, but sadly, I didn't grab onto any at the time. 

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts!   

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