July 15, 2012

after my bday but before friday the 13th

BIRTHDAY Pictures, Images and Photos
I had an awesome birthday on Wednesday! I now need to update my "about me" section since I'm now thirty-one, haha. My friend and I took our kids swimming. When we came home, my dad came over to visit, and then my husband came home from work not too long afterward. I got a cheesecake like I do every year for my birthday, and it was totally delicious!

My husband gave me two gorgeous necklaces--one is my birthstone surrounded by diamonds, silver, and gold while the other is a cameo with a blue background and a mother holding a baby. I love them both! He did well, very very well!!

I'm also getting a tattoo of a very colorful record player as well as getting my cameo tattoo finished. So excited! I'll have to post some pictures of my tattoos very soon--I have four so far. Here is a picture of my cameo tattoo as it is right now:

The next day, I went to my friend's grandma's house. My friend, Jill, just had her baby three months ago, and I took my two kids to visit them. She moved from Ohio with her husband not long before their baby was born and would be going back home the next morning. Our other friend, Sarah, also came over with her two kids.

I hadn't even been there five minutes when I thought I might have left my Diet Dr. Pepper on top of my car. Jill said she could see it from where she was sitting in the living room. I decided to go out and get it because I was really thirsty.
I told my kids to stay inside, and I would be right back. I walked out onto the porch, and a combination of things came together to create "the perfect storm":
  • I was looking up at my car whereas usually I'm looking down to make sure I don't trip.
  • I was wearing Skecher flip flops (super cute--black with skulls, my fave!) which are heavier compared to regular flip flops
  • I must have forgotten about the step down at the end of the porch down to the driveway
I stepped down from the porch with my right foot in a way that caused it to twist. About to fall, I tried to stay upright and keep my balance using my arms. As I was trying to stay standing, I stepped down with my left foot, but it twisted even more than the right one. Before I know it, I'm sprawled out face down in the driveway. I was in so much pain immediately and began crying. I tried my best to get up but could absolutely could not move an inch and was too embarrassed to call out for help.

After maybe three or four minutes of trying to get up, I finally manage to crawl back onto the porch into the house. I couldn't stand up on my right foot at all, and the left foot was out of the question--it had begun swelling immediately, and I knew something was really wrong with it. :/

My friends ran to me as soon as I crawled into the house and were horrified that I hadn't called for their help. Jill grabbed a bag of ice wrapped in a hand towel, while Sarah had me prop up my left foot. We were trying to determine whether I had sprained it or if it was broken.
My friends devised a plan--Jill would drive me to the ER, while Sarah would take my kids with her to her mom's house where our kids could play together. Jill's husband would stay at Jill's grandma's house with their baby. Luckily, Jill's grandma had a pair of crutches I could borrow, and Jill's husband helped me out to my car. I felt sick and looked pale, which scared all of them and made them think I might be going into shock.

Jill stayed with me the entire time I was in ER. My dad and husband met us at the ER. My sister had a doctor's appointment to go to, or else she definitely would've been there. After multiple x-rays, the ER doctor told me I sprained my right ankle and broke two bones in my left ankle. I couldn't believe I had broken my foot!! I went to the orthopedic surgeon and found out I need surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow. I can't wait to get it done and over with so I can get on to the healing part, lol! ;)

I'm sad the visit had to be cut short--I did get to hold the baby, and she is super cute! I can't wait until their next visit; hopefully, I'll be able to see them longer. Don't you agree I have some kick ass friends and family? My friends were right there for me all the way! I'm super lucky. My husband, dad, and sister have been totally there for me--can't forget them!! :D I have tons of offers from so many friends to come help me with my kids; it's almost overwhelming I feel so loved! <3

Wouldn't you think this would've happened on Friday the 13th? My husband said, "That is not what the doctor ordered." Ahahaha! Love his sense of humor, even when it's cheesy. :D
Well, I'm going into my surgery at 9am, and I should be done by 1-1:30pm. The surgery itself should take about an hour and a half. I'm glad it isn't on Friday the 13th! Updates to come! Wish me luck!  :D


  1. Oh, good God! I hope your foot isn't causing you too much pain! O_O This post was so happy at the beginning, and then it turned scary >_< but Happy Belated Birthday! <3

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

    1. The ER doc gave me pain meds, so when it gets unbearable, I can be more comfortable. I really didn't mean for the post to turn from happy to scary, honestly! I've been joking around about my foot injury from the moment I made it to the ER. :)

      Thanks for your birthday greeting! :D

  2. Surgery will go well, I'm sure of it. Love you and see you in the morning. Me and mila are here for you as much as we can be :/ even if I am all big and preggers... Lol

    1. I was gonna tell you the morning of the surgery how impressed I am that you took time to comment on my blog with a sweet message! I'm so glad you're there for me--you're an awesome sister!! Just tell Mila to hang in there a couple more weeks, so I can heal some more before she makes her grand entrance into the world, lol. ;)

  3. What a horror story -- and not the kind I love to read. I'm so sorry for your awful experience. I hope surgery goes well and that you heal quickly. :-)

    1. Thanks! My surgery did go well, and I am so determined to get well asap. :) I'm relieved that part is over. It freaked me out to know I had a broken bone all weekend until the surgery.


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