July 31, 2012

soapy sundays #2

Soapy Sundays #2
A couple of days late due to computer issues, but better late than never. :D

I know many of you out there probably aren't soap fans, but even if that's the case, chances are very high these stories will still entertain you 'cause they are hilarious!

The Bold & the Beautiful

I'm so happy to report that I gave B&B another go Thursday and Friday and actually enjoyed watching it! Yes, there's still the Hope/Liam/Steffy storyline, but after Liam and Steffy's quickie divorce, Liam and Hope are now married. However, Hope just saw a video on a laptop (not sure if it's her laptop or her mom's?) of Liam and Steffy in a very *ahem* compromising position on Liam and Hope's wedding day! I really hate seeing Hope get so worked up over Liam--he's an unworthy d-bag! She needs to just come to her senses already!

General Hospital

Now that The Revolution has thankfully been canceled, there will be foom for Katie Couric's talk show ABC is insisting on starting up. That means GH won't be canceled. I think the cancellation might have been the only way GH was saved. I say that because it sounded more and more like it was going to be canceled. For now, we GH fans don't have to sweat it!

I'm ashamed to admit how far behind I've fallen with GH. I'm clear back in April, catching up as fast as I can with my GH YouTube marathons, lol. To the inventor of YouTube...I love you!! I've got my July episodes ready to go on my DVR, so as soon as I finish April, May, and June's episodes, I can start watching GH on TV again, yipee!

I've read in Soap Opera Digest how some GH fans are upset with the number of OLTL actors who have been brought on to GH's canvas. They weren't familiar with OLTL, and I think they're worried air time for their faves will decrease. I didn't watch OLTL, but I welcome the characters crossing over. I don't think those GH fans realize this has the potential of bringing new fans over to GH, which means more viewers! The new Head Writer for GH has already promised air time for our faves will not decrease, and I like already how seamlessly the Llanview characters have been integrated with the residents of Port Charles. Here's to a long and bright future for GH!

The Young and the Restless
 Recap for the week of 7/23 to 7/27
My top 5 fave moments of the week:
  • Nick punches Billy (!!!) after he finds out Billy fired Phyllis from Restless Style due to the attempted murder charges she's facing. God that was delicious!
  • Victor catches Sharon in a lie--she tells him she's going to New York to visit her son but really goes to Kansas to stop Adam from marrying Chelsea!
  • Adam rejects Sharon and marries Chelsea!!
  • Chelsea gives Sharon an ultimatum--don't ever try to come between her and her man!
  • Jack agrees to marry Nikki next week instead of waiting a month--although he isn't able to walk yet and is freaking out that he won't be able to stand beside her at the altar. Psst, Jack! This ain't your first rodeo dude! This is your umpteenth wedding, lol. But I have a feeling you're gonna be standing next to Nikki, even if the wedding is definitely moved up to next week.
I haven't yet watched today's episode of Y&R, but I hope to be able to tomorrow. More Chelsea and Adam! I'd like to see Nick punch Billy again! Please let Jack walk again for his wedding! I hope Victor finds out Sharon's having klepto issues again! <3

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