my broken foot

I'm sorry I haven't been around this week! I had surgery on Monday morning on my left foot, and it went well. The larger bone that was broken was originally going to need only one pin; however, during the surgery, my doctor discovered the break was worse than what the x-ray had shown him. He ended up using two pins and a screw to fix that bone.

The other broken bone was too small for a pin and too difficult to get to anyway. He set that bone. I must admit, I was slightly nervous while getting prepped for the surgery. I've delivered two babies, but I knew the drill during those times. Plus, having a baby is different than having an injury...although there were times when I was pregnant that I couldn't help but wonder if I was injured! :D

I basically just have to stay off of my left foot completely, which is difficult since I also sprained my right foot! I'm going back to the doctor on Monday so he can check on how I'm healing. I don't know if I'll be getting an actual cast or what, but he did mention something about a boot. It's going to take eight weeks for me to heal, and even then I'll be limping, have to go through physical therapy, and have arthritis in that foot for the rest of my life. Hey, I'll be able to predict the weather!!! Cool!!

But you know what? I'm so lucky the damage wasn't worse. I could've broken both feet, or an arm and/or a wrist in addition to my left foot so I'm glad that didn't happen. And hey, I'll have a lot of time for reading and writing! :)

All I'm worried about right now is healing as soon as possible because my sister is due with her first baby in less than three weeks. No matter what, I'm gonna be there! Even if we both have to be wheeled up to the maternity ward in wheelchairs together! :D


  1. Ohh, I'm sorry it got so complicated...

    I hope you'll recover & heal as soon as possible, and yeah, at least you'll have more time for reading & writing :)

    1. It did get complicated, lol. Thanks for wishing me a fast recovery. :) And it's always good to have more time for reading and writing. :)

  2. Happy you are alright!!! Thank you for becoming my 11the follower!! 8) Feel better!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to be a new follower! :D


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