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The topic this week: Adult fiction vs. YA fiction

This is an easy decision for me to make--YA fiction all the way!! When I walk into the library, that's the first section I head to, and most of the books I recommend to my daughter and my friends are YA. I think YA is more interesting and exciting. I may be wrong, but it seems like there's only mysteries, romance novels, crime novels, and westerns for adults. If a YA book I'm reading has some mystery and romance in it, that's really cool, but I don't generally like mystery or romance as its own separate genre. I'm just completely drawn to YA and probably always will be! :D

Do you prefer adult fiction or YA fiction?


  1. I love YA books, and I always stop by the YA section before I go anywhere else. But I have read some very wonderful NA books, Beautiful Disaster for example, that are at the top of my list. There is still action and adventure in NA books, but it is slightly edgier.. the difference between watching PG13 and R, so to speak. I don't discriminate.. I love them both equally!!

  2. It will always be YA, Adult fiction offers too many ambiguous and frankly pointless scenes/characters. YA however at least builds character and plot into something meaningful to the narrative,and I personally LOVE character driven stories! :D

    Glad you agree :)

  3. I also head to the YA fiction section first in the library or bookstore! There are a few adult authors I like, but in general I read a lot more YA than anything else!

  4. Yeah, and even though I'm technically an "adult," I still find myself relating more to YA. YA always! :D lol


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