April 12, 2013

Think Out Loud #7: Bizarre Tales of Staying Home with Your Kids

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Up until four years ago, I was a working mom. Then I became pregnant with my son, and my husband and I decided I would stay at home with the kids. My daughter was in kindergarten at the time, and since then, I've been home. I can go to any of her school events without having to request time off or, even worse, missing those events. I've had the chance to see my son grow up and reach all of the milestones - laughing out loud, crawling, walking,'s been really cool getting to be there for all of my son's firsts. I didn't get to be for my daughter unfortunately.

Since I stopped working outside the home, some really crazy things have happened these past few years. When my daughter was seven and my son 11 months old, I had taken them out to get breakfast. We had just come home and I was getting my son out of the car when an old man pulled up in front of my house. I thought he wanted directions, and I looked over to see how I could help him. He rolled his window down and asked if he could give my kids suckers "to teach them the dangers of accepting candy from strangers." I told him thanks but no thanks. He's a stranger himself, so how would I teach my kids not to take candy from strangers by allowing them to take suckers from a stranger?!?

I was very polite, yet he began yelling and cussing at me, saying, "I'm not like that" over and over. I became very frightened and ran with my kids into the house. He peeled away. I didn't get a chance to get his license plate number but called the police anyway. I described his car and what happened. Soon, a police officer came to my door to check on us. The man had told me he goes to Walmart a lot, and I told the police officer that. He said he'd go out there. They found him and made sure he didn't do that anymore. He did that at Walmart all the time, and I don't understand why they allowed him to in the first place. Obviously he's unhinged if he's willing to drive around neighborhoods looking for kids. So there was that incident.

There was the time at the beginning of the school year when my daughter was in first grade that a boy accidentally knocked her down in gym, and two of her teeth went flying - one on the top row and one on the bottom directly underneath. Then at the end of her first grade year, she was knocked down in gym again, except this time it was outside on concrete. Her glasses were bent, and she hit her head on the concrete. On the way to the eye doctor to get her glasses fixed, she began vomiting, and I turned around and took her to the ER. She didn't have a concussion, but the doctor said the vomiting was probably from hitting her head on the concrete.

A couple months after the concussion scare, my son was eight months old and had to be taken to the ER. He was dehydrated and couldn't keep anything down. He had a high fever but couldn't keep medicine down long enough to take it away. Cool baths didn't work, so off to the ER we went. They gave him Pedialyte, and after a couple of days, he began to get better.

In the summer of 2011, a teenager in a giant black SUV broadsided my nice, bright Pontiac Vibe, completely totalling it. My dad, son (18 months old at the time), daughter, and I were all in the car. My dad, daughter, and son were checked out at the ER. I didn't need to be - I felt okay besides being bruised and cut from the air bag going off and the seat belt tightening against my throat. The kids were just fine. They had some cuts and bruising from their belts. My daughter uses a booster seat since she's short like me, and my son is still in a car seat, forward facing after he turned a year old. My dad was injured badly and almost had to be kept overnight. I'm sure by this time, my husband was nervous every time I called him since this was the third time I ended up in the ER with the kids.

Last summer, I fell stepping down from a porch where the outdoor carpeting was duct taped at the end and broke two bones in my ankle. Once again, I called my husband to tell him I was in the ER, and he left work to come be with me. This was the third time he left work to come to an ER! Poor guy! I had surgery and now have two metal pins and a screw in my ankle.

Last December, I had surgery again with my gallbladder being removed after suffering from gallbladder attacks for almost a year. That was crazy! Two surgeries for me in less than six months.

Now our son is going to have surgery due to cavities. We feel terrible because this totally could have been prevented, but it's too late now. We just have to make sure to reach the back of his teeth while brushing whether he likes it or not. *Sigh*

So there you go. My amazing adventures as a stay-at-home-mom. Stranger things have happened to people, I know, but so many strange things have happened to us these past few years, it makes me wonder. Should I just stay home this summer rather than risk getting into a car accident or breaking a bone?? Probably not. If something is going to happen, it's just going to happen, and it very well could be right in front of my house (I'm talking to you, creepy sucker guy). So, hopefully things will calm down, lol, especially now that I'm baby-sitting my 8-month-old niece. :D

Do you have any crazy stories whether you're a parent or not? What do you think of mine?


  1. Wow! Those are amazing stories. Creepy sucker guy kinda concerns me though...

    Great Think Out Loud, Jennifer!

    1. I know right?! Crazy stuff happens to me all the time, lol. At least it feels like it. Thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. See, staying at home with the kids is bloody hard work! Both my kids have broken me just a bit (literally). When my oldest was four, he jumped up and wrapped his arms around my waist. Totally sweet except that I was standing on a mini-tampoline at the time and when I when I fell foward I had the choice of landing on him and breaking one of his bones, or stopping myself by throwing my arm out and catching myself on the wall in front of me. The stunt created three cracks in my shoulder! Oh it hurt so bad I cried right there and then on the phone when I called my mom and told her I hear pop pop pop. My youngest with his 98th percentile head smiled and headbutted me...busting my nose. He also threw the biggest toy train at my head, but it takes more than that to bust my skull...still haven't found something to do the job. I hope you have an ER free rest of the year! The car crash sounds scary. The creepy sucker guy sounds like he needs some in-patient care someplace. And I hate hurting myself like your carptet/ankel accident! Pins and surgery, goodness!

    1. O.o I would've bawled my eyes out! Especially hearing the pops! You're a superhero mom! I didn't hear any cracks or anything when I broke my ankle, thank goodness. I about threw up (I know you really wanted to hear that, lol) though.

      Omigosh, your poor nose and head! The car crash was really scary. That SUV hit us hard. The teen had a stop sign, but we didn't. He didn't see my bright orange car (?) and left the stop sign, smacking right into us. I was so pissed.

      The creepy guy, I found out, had been giving suckers out to kids at our local Walmart for months. I could NOT believe Walmart was letting this happen. Management knew about it. Once I called the police after he screamed at me in front of my kids in front of our house, Walmart finally put a stop to it. Only because I got the police involved. I'm thinking how could a parent allow his or her child to take candy from a stranger in order to "teach" them not to do it??? Doesn't make any sense! I was so upset, crying and trying not to in front of my kids. Luckily, my son was too young at the time to understand what was going on. He was only like 11 months old at the time.

      I hope it's an ER free year for all of us! :D

    2. You're right about the candy from strangers lesson being backwards. That's crazy. That whole lure ability is terrifying. I can barely convince my 4yr old not to pet every animal he sees. Not talking to strangers seems like an impossible task. Today he said hi to five people, one kid looked especially petulant (his favorite kind) and John chased after him to introduce himself. What is up with that?

    3. I never thought about this before until I watched a Dr. Phil show several months ago about teaching your kids "stranger danger." He said that it's difficult to teach your kids about strangers because while you don't want them to just go up to anyone and talk to him/her, it also seems to be a social expectation to respond to a stranger if he/she says, "You seem to be such a good little brother." Something along those lines, you know? I thought it is so true! How do we teach them about strangers when it would be considered rude if I ignored a stranger who's trying to be nice to me and whom I know isn't a threat? Did this make any sense? lol


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