May 16, 2013

Think Out Loud #11 ~ Hyperventilating! Going Into the Darkness Tomorrow!!

Hey everyone! I'm now going to join the meme Think Out Loud hosted by Thinks Books. With this meme, you can post anything you want! Get to know other bloggers outside of the bookish realm. :) Click on the link to go to her blog and sign up. :) The posts go up on Thursdays or whenever you'd like. :D

I know I already swooned over seeing Star Trek: Into the Darkness last week, but  since tomorrow night is the night I get to finally see it in all its epic glory after waiting for soooo long... I had to swoon all over again! Especially since I'm not only seeing it, I'm going to experience it in Imax 3-D with my daughter and my bestie Jill! :D

The previews have been pretty vague about what's going to happen. There's been a lot of talk lately about whether Khan will be the nemesis in this one, and I hope he is. My husband doesn't think he will be, but I have a feeling he'll be in it. Two of my fave original Star Trek movies are The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock. I'm such a crybaby, too, lol. I cried at the end of The Wrath of Khan and the beginning of the 2009 Star Trek movie. Of course, back in '09, I was pregnant with my son, so I'll just blame my tears on hormones. ;) 

Can Friday night just get here??? 
Do you have any plans for this weekend? Anyone going to see this epic movie? :D


  1. I can't wait to read you fangirling all about it. I think while everyone is watching Star Trek I'll take in Iron Man 3. I owe my sister a movie for watching John all day (while he was home sick with a fever). And I plan to hit the editing/rewrites hard this weekend. Those are my hot plans. I cried at the end of Wrath of Khan too! I wasn't pregnant when I watched the 2009 no tears for that one.

    1. I would've gone to see Iron Man 3 a couple weeks ago when it opened, but I haven't seen the second one yet. For shame! >.< Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. I hope you have a great time at the movies. Love Robert Downey Jr.! <3 Especially as Tony Stark!

      It sounds so good to me to do editing and rewrites. Knowing you'll be doing that this weekend makes me wanna get my butt in gear and write! :D

      The first new Star Trek I couldn't help but cry in the beginning when Kirk is born, but his father doesn't get to be there and dies...I think it was the fact I was about to have a baby boy myself, eep! I did cry at the drop of a hat during that entire pregnancy, though, lol!

    2. Ha! I growled at the drop of a hat. I did have this weird flu a year ago that my mom and I called the crying flu because I tell you what, I cried for no reason. I couldn't stop either. Then my mom got the flu and the same happened with her. Weird!


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