January 24, 2014

Release Day Blitz ~ Hidden Magic by Melanie Crouse

Title: Hidden Magic
Series: The Dragon Lord #1
Author: Melanie Crouse
Release date: January 24th 2014 
Genre: YA Fantasy

Blitz organized by: Mark My Words Book Publicity

When Jenny has the opportunity to spend the summer with her sister, a small slice of freedom is all she's really hoping for when she has the opportunity to spend the summer with her sister. Instead she finds something else altogether: electricity.

That's what Jenny feels when she looks at Arram. She knows he’s drawn to her too, but the mage-in-training does his best to hide it. 

Stung, Jenny turns to Arram's former best friend, Jack. But Arram and Jack's rivalry is much darker than Jenny suspects, and so are Jack's intentions. Soon she's caught in a mystery of old murder, ancient prophecies, and magic hidden where no one has thought to look. 

When Jenny uncovers a secret magic, she is offered two choices. Arram wants her to do the safe thing. Jack wants to show her the easy way out. Whatever Jenny decides, her life will irrevocably change. 

Either way, freedom may be the one thing Jenny can never have.

Jack put his finger to his lips and motioned toward an empty bedroom across the hall. Not knowing what else to do, she went in, her heart thudding against her ribs. “Jack,” she whispered. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“What? No welcome home kiss?” His voice was mocking.

Trying to keep her voice steady, she said, “So Arram was right. You do want to kidnap me after all.”

“Kidnap you?” Jack looked horrified. Underneath the horror though, Jenny could see that his eyes were sparkling with mischief. “I should have known Arram would fill your head with something stupid like that. No, you wonderful, impossible girl, I’m here to rescue you.”  

About Melanie Crouse

Melanie Crouse is the author of Hidden Magic, coauthor of the book Alchemy and the CEO of the craziest household in the Western Hemisphere. Lately, both of those full-time jobs have collided, creating chaos on a colossal scale. Which is just the way she likes it. 

In her spare time, Melanie likes to play the piano, swim, hike and teach preschool. Whether she has spare time or not, she manages to read prolifically, which probably explains more than it doesn't. 

She loves her family dearly, and wishes with all her heart that her teenage children weren't so embarrassed that their mom writes "kissing scenes."

I'm looking forward to reading HIDDEN MAGIC! It's been a while since I've lost myself in a good 'ole YA Fantasy. Love the cover, the synopsis, the characters' names, and the promise of fun and excitement! And it has released TODAY!! :D 


  1. I'm intrigued and I love the cover ♥
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I do, too! Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! :D

  2. Oh, interesting! So not what I was expecting when I started reading the excerpt. I like it when I can be surprised. Thanks so much for sharing :D I hope you are having a great weekend! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. I agree! I think it sounds like a fun read. :) Thanks, Jaclyn, I hope you are, too! :D

  3. This seems really interesting, even if it also looks like it is set up for a kind of triangle - and I don't really enjoy those very much. I think I will add this to my TBR anyway, though, I love magic and secrets :)

    Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. Have a fantastic Sunday.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Hopefully it won't be too intense a triangle, lol. I think I'm already Team Arram, haha! Thanks Lexxie! Hope you have a fabulous week! :D


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