January 2, 2014

Think Out Loud #25 ~ What About the Christmas Queen? Hmm?

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Every year, my dad, sister, niece, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law come over to our house early Christmas morning and watch the kids open their presents. My in-laws make a breakfast casserole, and we make cinnamon rolls (well when I say "make," I really mean we roll out the Pillsbury dough, lol). We give our presents to them to open when they come over, too. 

Well, first thing's first. Here's the Christmas aftermath. Yikes!! 
My sister's opening up her daughter's toys. :D

"Here he comes a prowlin'
Lean and hungry..." 
Who Dey!

Jack loves his Bengals uniform. Who Dey!

Janie got some new games for her new 
Nintendo 3DS. And she lurves them. :D

The Christmas Queen, lol 
(Remember Lucy from the Charlie Brown Christmas episode?)

My niecey pie! <3

My husband seems a bit jealous of our son's Darth Vader, lol. 

My dad's opening his super awesome Elvis blanket! :D

One of my presents from Santa was a record of No Doubt's album Tragic Kingdom. It was so cool that the record is orange and to hear my favorite No Doubt album on my record player! :D

How was your Christmas or the holiday you celebrate? :D


  1. I love the mess. Just love it! My mom folds her wrapping paper after she opens each present. The rest of us had piles and piles around us and she had this tiny tower. What games does Janie play? Will is a mega PC gamer and he loves his dad's Xbox. I've watched him play two players at the same time using the main keyboard and the number pad in unison. And back when I had to play the games to open the levels and sometimes I cried because I swear the move the game expected me to accomplish was impossible! Will now can do the hard parts in seconds. We're big on Lego games. Your Christmas Queen is honestly so dang cute. I love the pictures, Jennifer. That Darth Vader toy is massive. Your hubby definitely looks ready to steal it. Oh, and Jack in his uniform, so cute! Did you know my dad's name and my little brother's name is Jack. Yep. Great TOL post!

    1. I must admit, I wouldn't have that kind of self restraint to fold my wrapping paper. I just tear into everything, lol. But after the catastrophic disaster my living room became, I did collect all the paper for recycling. This pink haired girl is a little responsible for the earth. ;)

      Janie so far has Adventure Time, the Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon Y. She really loves the Pokemon one. I see her playing that one the most. I totally couldn't do what Will does. I think I'm doing well when I play one player, lol! I love playing Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3. Janie would always try to tell me how to beat bosses from looking it up on the Internet, but I was like, no I got this! LOL

      I love our Christmas Queen! She was afraid of Darth, so we had to keep him away from her. Poor girl! He doesn't talk or make any sounds, but he's taller than her and dark looking, so perhaps that's why.

      Yeah, I think Brady was really jealous even though I bought him a Transformer/Star Wars crossover Darth Vader toy a couple years ago. Guess where it is? Yup, in the top of our closet. Maybe I should give it to Jack. Jack is an awesome name, obviously, LOL. :D

  2. I love the picture of the Christmas 'hangover' - the aftermath of present opening! :) Those kiddos look like they were in heaven. Your hubby does look like he's coveting that Darth Vader. And I LOVE Tragic Kingdom, too!! Thanks for sharing your Christmas, Jennifer.

    Our Christmas was grand as well. It was just us - no one comes the long distance, usually. But it was nice all the same. :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Brandee! I love that you called it a Christmas hangover - that made me giggle. :) They totally were in heaven, lol. Christmas is such a fun day! I always get sad when the holidays are over. It's crazy that you can just pick up Tragic Kingdom on record at Hot Topic now. Records are really making a comeback!

      Only my mom's younger brother and his family live out of state in Indiana. The rest of my family all live here in Ohio. I live in the same town as my dad, sister, and in-laws. As a matter of fact, I live across the street from my in-laws. :O lol

      I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas! Thanks for stopping by, Brandee!

  3. This was a great post! I would be super excited about Tragic Kingdom too! I loved all the pics!

    1. Thanks, Think! It seems we have similar tastes in music, and I love that! :D


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