January 23, 2014

Think Out Loud #27 ~ Joss Whedon + Romance = Not Gonna Happen

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Warning: If you haven't seen Buffy or Angel, spoilers are ahead!!! You've been warned! ;) 

So I've come to the conclusion after watching seven seasons of Buffy and two seasons of Angel (so far) that Joss Whedon is against romance. Both shows have several examples of this, where he makes you care about the characters, those characters start to grow on each other, you want a romance to blossom, and then BAM! He pulls the rug out from under you while ripping your heart out in the process. Happens all too often. *Sigh* 

Watching Buffy, I LOVED Angel and Buffy though from the start. Edward has nothing on Angel - Angel puts him to shame. But do they make it as a couple? Nope. Then there was the guy whom Buffy met at college - Riley. I never liked him, so it was cool with me that their relationship didn't work out. 

Spike came along, and I didn't like him at all but over time he grew on me. Then I LOVED him, too, but was smart enough to be cautious this time. The whole push-pull thing between Buffy and Spike is enough to put the angst of all my teenage years combined to shame! It didn't end well for them. Man I was so upset! 

Don't forget Xander! Cordelia and Xander were an item for like a second. Then he started dating Anya, and that...well, I forget if that ended well. Probably not. Willow was in love with Xander, but he only had eyes for Buffy. Buffy wasn't into him, though, not with Angel around. Eventually Willow became involved with a werewolf, Oz, but that ended of course. She then came out and started a relationship with Tara, who was soon KILLED. Gah! 

On Angel, it's hinted at that Angel might be developing a thing for Cordelia, but I know better. Cordelia fell in love (probably more like lust since she only knew him for like a whole whopping one day) with the Groosalugg when she accidentally fell into the Host's home world. But he had to stay there, and she had to come back. Wesley recently admitted crushing on Winifred, but do I dare think a relationship is gonna happen?    

See what I mean? I love these shows, don't get me wrong, and I am a HUGE fan of Joss Whedon. I just want some good romance that doesn't necessarily have to take over the show. Obviously, it's too late for this to be rectified since both shows aren't new anymore, but it doesn't stop me from wanting what I want. 

What's the lesson I've learned? 
Joss Whedon + Romance = Not Gonna Happen

Still going to cross my fingers for Wesley and Winifred. Somebody should be lucky in love for at least a season or two. :)


  1. Good luck with Angel, it'll destroy you. ;) Okay, I'm being mean now, but I'm not going to spoil it. :P On the Buffy front, I still cry at the end of season 2, though I've seen it like 50 times, haha.nd then again at the end of season 3, JUST MEAN. And though, they both have other relationships, I think they're always going to love each other, and again, it's just freaking mean., boooo. But, Willow and Oz killed me, I shipped them so hard. :( I'm still in love with Seth Green though. ;)

    1. Omigod, no! Buffy destroyed me, not Angel too! My heart can only take so much. >.< I know what you mean about the end of those seasons...gah. I was left feeling unsatisfied at the end of the last season. That's all I remember. Just kind of feeling broken and unsatisfied. :/ Loved Willow and Oz - just had that feeling she'd choose Tara. Seth Green is so cute!

  2. I never got too into Buffy-I've watched reruns but never entire seasons. Angel though, I LOVED Angel but Joss is going to put you through the wringer with it.

    1. I was afraid of that. He's done a bang up job putting me through the wringer already. I need to live vicariously through these characters! Doesn't he understand that?? LOL

  3. That's so funny you can't remember how it ended with totally ended because you saw the last episode right? I'm not supposed to be in the blogosphere until I get my mountain of work done and then I saw the title of your post. You are so right! Whedon is messed up when it comes to romance. Did you watch Firefly? I love Whedon and yet I call him a jerk and I love him. I go back and forth. And that business with Willow and anyone she dated, Man! I loved Oz. Then I totally got on board with the Tara/lesbian angle though Tara was a little...something, annoying? but then bam! Riley annoyed the tar out of me and Buffy was not my favorite girl when she was into him. Wow, I'm completely rambling. Obviously I needed to vent.

    Good luck with Angel...hmmm. There's a puppet episode that is one of my favorites.

    1. She was killed, right? Either dead or thought she was dead. I saw the last episode, I just don't remember. My husband has to remind me of EVERYTHING when we're watching a show. I'm like, "Why the hell is Angel acting like that?" or "When did Buffy and Spike start doing this?" Then he has to remind me why. He's really good at remembering shit that happened five episodes ago, or even three seasons ago. It's nuts. Heroes was one of those shows where it was so complicated for me that he had to do a lot of jogging my memory for me, lol.

      Bahahaha! I drew you into the blogosphere! ;) Did you end up finishing your work? I haven't watched Firefly yet, but it's in my instant queue on Netflix (well now they call it "my list" which I wish they hadn't changed it). I have that kind of relationship with good ole Joss. He's fantastic and creative but rips my heart out and stomps on it nonetheless. Gah...

      Tara was weird, and it took me a while to warm up to her. But I love Willow and wanted her to be happy. I pretty much knew Willow was going to choose Tara over Oz. I loved Oz, too. I wish he had been on longer. I can never get enough Seth Green. Sounds like we have similar thoughts on these characters. :) Thank god you need to vent - I've been needing to for a while.

      I'll keep an eye out for puppets, lol. So far, I love the episodes where they went to the Host's home dimension. His mother was god awful UGLY, lol. "Do the dance of shame!" LOL!

    2. Yes, the Host's home dimension, Lorne right? Man, Lorne is so cool. If I could sing, I would sing like him and have a bar and make people sing before I help them. I loved that episode too. I tell you, I have few talents in this world and remembering almost everything I watch is one of them. When you watch Firefly, you plan to watch the series before Serenity, right? Next time you want to have a Buffy/Angel post, I'm there!

      Oh, did I tell you I have The Walking Dead on DVD from my library. Yikes! I plan to watch it soon. Now that I'm taking this break I feel like continuing it.

    3. Is that what his home dimension is called? See what I mean? I'm terrible! Yeah, I'll watch Firefly before Serenity. That's the right order isn't it? Like Serenity was a movie that kind of tied up Firefly's loose ends when it was canceled? Or I might be thinking of something else. LOL

      Tell me how The Walking Dead goes - I'm DYING to know, bahahahaha! ;D


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