March 6, 2014

Cover Reveal ~ A Beautiful Struggle (Beautiful Series #4) by Emily McKee

Coming March 2014...


* Book #4 in the Beautiful Series * 

Patrick Christiansen has faced his fair share of struggles throughout his life. 

Losing his parents at a young age and coming to terms with his sexuality. He’s embraced every single struggle with open arms because he knows everything happens for a reason.

Even when he’s introduced to the sexy, football playing Derrick Miles.

Derrick Miles has lived a pretty normal life…for the most part. 

He’s never fully lived because he’s always hidden behind a secret.  He knows what he wants, but he’s afraid of what others will think of him when he becomes who he was always meant to be.

But what happens when Derrick can no longer hide who he really is? Will the truth destroy everything around him? 

Or will it set him free and make the struggles he’s dealt with his entire life beautiful?

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For the past 21 years, I have been a planner and an organizer.  I always needed things a specific way and then everything changed for me.  I've always had a vivid imagination and thoughts racing through my mind.  I realized that life is way too short to let things pass me by, because in the blink of an eye everything could change.  So I decided to just live in the moment, taking every chance and opportunity led my way.  No second thoughts and just going with the flow.  

I decided to put the fictional characters and the conversations going on in my head to paper.  I know, it makes me sound crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I've embraced crazy and hectic and last minute because it's led me to making my dreams a reality.

When I'm not writing Happily Ever After's I'm reading about them and living one.  I think this world is filled with too much sadness already we don't need to read about it as well.  I write because I love it and I've allowed my imagination to run wild and be crazy and free.  Just like me.


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  1. Sounds steamy! I was wondering what the hands were covering on the mini-picture that shows up on my bloglovin lol, looked a lot more risque!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. LOL, I know! When I first saw a glimpse of it, all I could focus on was the nipple! I thought it totally had to be erotica, lol!


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