March 30, 2014

Think Out Loud #31 ~ It's Anarchy! It's Chaos! It's the Purge!

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Yesterday I took my daughter and our friend Mary to see Divergent which was super exciting. I haven't even read the book yet, but I've been dying to see the movie. Now that we've seen the movie, my daughter and I are dying to read the book. I just have to find my copy, lol. Anyway, I'll have a review up of the movie this week sometime. 

But this Think Out Loud post isn't about Divergent as awesome as it was to see that. It's about Anarchy. It's about The Purge 2! 

Last year, I went to see The Purge and while I loved the concept and enjoyed the movie, I found talking about the movie was more interesting than the actual movie itself. So much more could have been done with the high concept plot, and I was left a bit disappointed. 

This movie is one that I wish were adapted into a book. Have you ever felt that way about a movie that isn't based on a book? 

Anyway, I had heard rumors last year during opening weekend for The Purge that due to its success at the box office there would be a sequel in the works. I just didn't think it would be out this year and am so excited to find out it's slated for release in July! 

Here's the trailer I found online: 

My excitement cannot be overstated. It looks awesome! Instead of following a rich family who have tried to barricade themselves in their expensive home, it looks like this time we'll be seeing things from the outside. Is July here yet??

Have you seen The Purge? What did you think? Would you see the sequel?  


  1. I just saw a snapshot of this earlier today and thought of you! I'll have to wait until I'm not surrounded by nosy boys to watch the trailer for this one. I'm so glad you loved Divergent. I can't wait to watch it (and read the book...maybe). I hope you had a wonderful trip! We're headed on ours in 2 days. Yikes!!

    1. Omigod, I just watched a different trailer, and now my heart's beating out of my chest!! I'd probably die of fright - no one would even have to kill me. I'd just keel right over. The one I included in this post is completely tame by adult standards but not kid standards, lol.

      Where are you guys going? That's something wonderful to look forward to! And oh yeah, Divergent was great. Why maybe for reading it?

    2. My heart was pounding when I saw the trailer too! Part of me even wanted to watch the movie, but I know if the trailer freaks me out, forget about it.

      Every spring break (starting last spring break) we visit my dad in Colorado. It snowed while we were there and it looked just like in the movies.

      I have no good reason for not picking up the series other than sometimes I just wanna be a movie girl. See, no good reason. When you watch Purge 2 do share how scared you got.

    3. I'm a little worried about being super freaked out. I love the horror genre except torture shit. I don't like seeing people be tortured for hours on end. I hope this movie is more like what I wanted the first time. :)

      I'd love to see Colorado! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. :)

      Ah, I see. :) The movie made me want to read the book even more than I already did, so it might have the same effect on you. ;) I will definitely share my Purge 2 experience. :)


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