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Day two of Fun Or None hosted by Nikki @ Fiction Freak !

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Today is Mash up Monday, where I'll pick out characters from two different books that I'd love to see in the same book.

I'd like Sookie Stackhouse (from the books by Charlaine Harris that the HBO show True Blood is based on) and Evie Tremain from the novel Fated (Fated #1) by Sarah Alderson.

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When I began reading Fated, I couldn't help but think there are some things Sookie and Evie have in common--they're both waitresses with concerned bosses and are surrounded by the supernatural, sometimes with their lives in danger.  And they're also more than waitresses--Sookie can read other people's thoughts, and Evie is a demon slayer.   

I always felt that Sookie could've used an awesomely cool female friend she could trust when she needed to just vent. There weren't too many female characters that got along with her throughout the series of books, and anyone she did think was her friend ended up betraying her. Maybe with Evie to hang out with, Sookie would have more to do on her days off than laundry and going outside to tan. :P

Together, they could kick a lot of ass! Sookie ended up in hand-to-hand combat with different "supes" from time to time, and Evie entered into training once she found out she was a demon slayer. (How's that for a revelation???) The two of them together would give "supes" everywhere nightmares. Yep, this needs to happen. ;)

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