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Day 4 of Fun or None hosted by Nikki @ Fiction Freak !

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What?! Wednesday = 3 books that shocked you to the core! (Spoiler Post!!)

These probably aren't going to spoil anything for anyone because I'm guessing most people have already read these, but here's my three anyhow. :)

1. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Basically, I could not have been any more shocked--and not in a good way--when Bella became pregnant with Edward's baby on their honeymoon AND the baby rips out of her like a scene from Alien. Not cool.

2. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Ummm...yeah...I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating when I read Katniss had to go back into the arena. I was devastated, appalled, completely shocked. I was lucky to know nothing about this series when I read it, so I had no idea that was going to happen. It was too much!

3. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I could not believe the ending! But it really couldn't have ended any other way. And I could not stop thinking about it for days--it followed me everywhere I went, and as surprised as I was by how much the entire book affected me, I also was pleased. Awesome, awesome writing. :D

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