Think Out Loud #16 ~ "The Truth Will Consume You"

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I went to see The Conjuring last night with my husband and two of my besties, Jill and Mary. I had been looking forward to this movie from the first moment I saw the preview. At one point, I was so scared, my gigantic Diet Coke slipped right out of my hands and drenched me and my husband, causing quite a few people to laugh because it was right at a scary moment! 

Then, at another freaky moment in the movie, a guy was walking up the stairs to his seat and tripped, saying, "Oh, shit!" The entire room full of people laughed, and there were a TON of people there. Then Jill and I couldn't stop laughing even after everyone else had. You know those moments when you're trying so hard to stop laughing, but the more you try to stop, the more you laugh not to mention louder? Yeah, that was us. ;) 

In one of the two previews for the movie, you can hear "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan playing, which is a freaky enough song anyway let alone when it's in a horror movie preview. In the other preview, "Time of the Season" by The Zombies is played, which is also played in the movie itself. This movie takes place in 1971, so the song really sets the time period. Plus, I love it when they play songs like those in scary movies. Makes it even freakier. 

If you love to be scared like I do, lol, and you're a horror fan, you need to see this movie, stat! Great scary fun! :D


  1. I saw the preview for this movie this week and I just knew you were going to see it this weekend! Could you pick a creepier snap shot? I bet you could so this was not a challenge. Honest. I'm glad you had so much fun, too bad about the soggy pants, but I love those giggles that can't be stopped.

    1. I kept seeing previews this weekend, too, and I knew you knew I was going to it, lol! And the snapshot - yes, yes I could have, haha! ;) My husband wasn't thrilled with soggy pants, not to mention how the Diet Coke also puddled in our shoes (I had on flats, no socks at least). Love those kind of laughs! :D


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