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Title: Intermix Nation
Author: M.P. Attardo
Publication date: March 5th 2013
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult
Source: Review copy

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~ Synopsis ~ 

Intermix: to mix together, blend

North America, paragon of diversity, is gone. From its ashes, a new nation has arisen - Renatus - where the government segregates the surviving population into races, forbidding interracial marriage, mating, and love. 

Eighteen-year-old Nazirah Nation is a pariah, an intermix, born of people from different races. When her parents are murdered in the name of justice, Nazirah grudgingly joins the growing rebellion fighting against the despotic government.

Overwhelmed with grief, consumed by guilt, Nazirah craves vengeance as a substitute for absolution. But on her journey to find the girl she once was, Nazirah must learn the hard way that purely black or white. Like her, every human is intermix, shades and hues of complex emotions. And those who can take everything away are also the ones who can give everything back.

~ My Thoughts ~ 

My Rating: 4 / 5

Intermix Nation was a different kind of dystopia that was interesting to read and gave me a lot to think about.  I love to read about a rebellion gathering to overthrow the kind of government like that in this novel which tries to keep the different races of people separate. The scary thing is, I can see people blaming diversity on some of the problems we have today. I don't think this novel is too far of a jump from reality. 

Nazirah is a young girl who comes home one night to find her parents brutally murdered because they were two different races and married anyway. She is an outcast because she is an intermix, born of parents of different races. After the murder of her parents, Nazirah is forever changed from her carefree existence. She never knew much about hate even though she was bullied until she saw the result of it in her own house. 

There's no way you can read this novel and not feel a mixture of emotions. As much as you are sad for Nazirah and understand where she's coming from, you also don't want her to become swallowed up in her need for vengeance because that can make you into someone as "bad" as the side you want to fight against. The journey she takes to find who she was leads her to find out who she is and who she can be.  

Overall, this was a novel that will stir up many different emotions in you and will give you much to think about. If you are a fan of dystopia or even if you are beginning to grow tired of the genre, I recommend Intermix Nation. This novel breathes new life into the genre. 

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~ About the Author: M.P. Attardo ~

M.P. Attardo is a twenty-something, part-time writer, full-time daydreamer. She has a college still trying to figure out what ever to do with it. She loves amateur baseball commentating, heckling, and overindulging. And putting her bizarre, gritty thoughts into words for all to read.

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  1. Thank you for the review.
    Donnie Darko helped me understand teeanagers and young people in general.

    1. You're welcome! Love Donnie Darko so much. It's one of those movies I watch over and over again. :)


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