November 23, 2013

Think Out Loud #22 ~ It's Your Birthday!

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Last Sunday was my son's fourth birthday. Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday I was in denial about being in labor. 

We had a birthday party for him on Saturday, the day before his birthday. I just really like having parties on Saturdays. 

We got Jack a tablet! He loves it. :) He "plays" Words with Friends, SongPop, plus we downloaded a drawing app for him. 

When he opened his presents from Aunt Sara, he was like, "I really like this!" Such a funny little guy! 

He's obsessed with the Ninja Turtles right now and picked them out for his cake. 
His fave is Donatello, who was always mine, too. 

You do not want to know what his birthday wish was, lol! I died of embarrassment. >.<

Beau got into the festive spirit. :D

Our daughter will be eleven on the 12th of December. Help me! O.o


  1. Awwww! Your kids are adorable! And Donatello is my fave too. Great TOL!

    1. Thanks, Think! Donatello is bookish and awesome, just like us, lol. :D

  2. I cannot believe this, but John's 5th birthday was last Monday. We celebrated on Sunday with the same TMNT plates. That cake is so awesome! If John saw that he would have asked for it for sure, but he doesn't like cake, just vanilla ice cream. He told everyone in the family to prepare vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cookies, and M&M's for him ("not mixed together though"). I have to admit I do not have a favorite ninja turtle. I was a Barbie and Charlie's Angels girl (with some Japanese anime thrown in). TMNT never made my list as a kid. I love the pictures. What a wonderful day!

    1. I'm freaking out, Robyn! How do we deal with this? I'm lucky I have my kids, but I don't know how to deal with this sadness I have about the time flying by. I know it sounds crazy, but I want things to stay this way forever. My daughter confided to me the other day that she wishes she could stay ten. I wish she could, too. I guess because I'm afraid for her to go to junior high next year. That's when the shit really hit the fan for me, and I hope that doesn't happen to her. But I do have complete faith she can stand up for herself. She's shown time and time again that she can and she will.

      I love John - he's so cute asking for everyone to prepare that for him! Oh, I was definitely into Barbie, too. They dated my Ninja Turtles, lol. Thank you! :D

    2. I'm terrible at accepting the boys growing up! I can't even shop for them. They have to completely outgrow their clothes, then I write their sizes on my hand and pout my way through the isles. I'm a mess right now because Will is all hormonal and hostile and this total cranky kid. I had to give him the puberty talk. Jennifer, I did not do a good job. First I researched it. Freaked out. Procrastinated. And then during the talk I couldn't stop repeating that his voice will change. Total disaster! We love them. We can't help but freak out that they won't stay our little babies!

    3. I can't keep up with sizes, especially their shoe sizes. I bet you did a better job with the talk than you think. That's one of the hardest parts of being a parent in my opinion! It's something I've talked off and on with my daughter, but I don't want all that to actually happen. Like I just want it to be put off forever. Gah! Why can't they just stay little and bug the hell out of me at the age they're at? LOL


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