IWSG #11 ~ November 2013

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Alex J. Cavanaugh created this awesome group, which I'm proud to take part in every month (or just about every month, lol). The first Wednesday of every month you can share your worries without judgement and/or your triumphs with complimentary confetti! ;D Join us - it's fun, a great way to connect with fellow writers, and we all can support one another! 

"Lean on me...when you're not strong...I'll help you carry on..."

Wow! It's already eleven days into NaNo, and I've just now signed up, have written ZERO words, and could this be a worse month?? Not because of my NaNo EPIC FAIL, but with the recovery from open heart surgery my husband's grandfather is facing and just life in general, the last thing I've really thought too much about is writing. 

I haven't even looked at my WIP since last NaNo. That's sad. As a matter of fact, I'm like shocked it's NaNo time again! Where did this past year go, my god! I'll be working on my writing starting tomorrow. I'm doing it. No matter what! I'll be working on my novel from last year that I started, tentatively titled Violet. 

Anyone who would like to friend me there, here's my profile link: 

See ya there! :D


  1. How do I friend you on NaNo? I'm doing it this year too, but my story is shit. That's okay. I just need to find the writer girl in me because she's been incognito since the divorce. Editing and marketing are fun tasks, but nothing like writing new stuff. Good luck, Jennifer. Here's to tuning out the world and learning how to pretend to be listening when people foolishly talk to you while you're on the dang computer.

    1. I'll look for you there. Do you have a username? Mine's donnie darko girl of course, lol. I know you'll find your writer girl. I'm looking forward more to writing new stuff than editing and marketing though I know those are extremely important, eek! To tuning out the world! :D


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