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Title: The Goddess's Wishes
       Series: The Child of Calamity #1
Author: Lissette E. Manning
Publisher: L.D.B. Press 
Publication date: October 2nd 2013
Genre: Fantasy / Greek Mythology / Science Fiction
Available in eBook & Print  
Source: Review copy

~ Synopsis ~ 

Her wish is their command. 

Artemis has a plan. Her eye has fallen on the throne of Olympus, and she'll do anything to get it. She knows Zeus won't give it up so easily, but she's determined to dethrone him, nonetheless. Her father is known for his infamous romps amongst the mortals. Surely, there must be something she can use against him?

When her attention is drawn to Callidora Spiros, she soon realizes that her father does indeed have secrets. Brazen and beautiful, the girl piques her interest in more ways than one, though Artemis isn't quite sure as to how she's truly tied to the gods. Intent on discovering what her father has kept hidden for so long, she'll need as much help as she can get.

Demanding and willful, Artemis has been known to achieve her every whim. With the bat of an eyelash, or a simple word, she's wrapped many a man around her little finger. The gods, on the other hand, aren't so easy to bring around. Nevertheless, she's going to do everything possible to gain the upper hand. Mount Olympus will be hers, with or without the help of the other gods and goddesses.

~ My Thoughts ~

My Rating: 3 / 5

The Goddess's Wishes puts its own spin on Greek mythology with Artemis as the main character. Normally, the goddess of the hunt is described as chaste, but in this novel, she's the opposite. I don't mind things being changed up - I liked the way the author changed Artemis and had her after Zeus's power. 

This book is a quick read - I read it in one sitting, and it held my attention. I wanted to see if Artemis would succeed in overthrowing her father. The idea was really interesting to me because it's obvious she isn't close to him and that not many of the other gods and goddesses are either. She's carefully testing who she can or cannot trust in her quest, and I thought even if she thinks she can trust someone - why would they be okay with her taking over? Wouldn't they want to take over themselves? 

This lead me to not trust anyone even if Artemis believed they would help her. Most of the others said it was futile to try to take over, and they seemed happy with the way things are. I couldn't decide why Artemis wasn't happy herself. She seemed to have everything she wanted, and I think the only thing she didn't have that she wanted was ultimate power over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. 

Ultimately, the main plot is interesting, but there weren't any subplots that I could tell. There was enough to keep me reading until the end; however, I wanted there to be more to the characters and more to the story than just Artemis's desire to overthrow Zeus. The Goddess's Wishes has a lot of potential to go further than it did, and I'm hoping the story and characters will be more fleshed out in the next book.         

~ Excerpt from Chapter 1 ~

Artemis materialized in the middle of her brother, Apollo's, bedroom with a resounding pop. A smile of satisfaction spread across her lips as she watched him scramble out of bed in search of his clothes. A look of annoyance clouded the features of the demi-goddess lying on his bed, clutching the bed sheets tightly to her chest. 

Her silvery-yellow eyes narrowed as she stared at the demi-goddess, Dyina, and pointed to the adjacent door. "Get out!"

"Damn it, Artemis!" Apollo growled as he tugged his chiton into place. "Can't you knock?" 

Artemis grinned, and made her way toward the chaise lounge tucked into the left corner of the room. "Where's the fun in that, brother?" she quipped, lowering her slender frame onto the settee. 

The demi-goddess rummaged about the room for her clothes, her blue eyes sending imaginary vicious daggers in Artemis's direction. The goddess's smile never faltered as she watched her brother and his current paramour move about the room. Apollo took a moment to show Dyina to the door, his shoulders taut with tension as he swung the door closed.

"I'm assuming you're here for a favor of some kind?" Apollo asked, running a hand through his thick blond curls. 

"Something like that." 

He approached the table nearby, and poured himself a glass of red wine. He knocked back his drink in one gulp, and promptly poured himself another before taking a seat in the chair in front of the lounge she reclined on. 

"What now?"

She bestowed him with a knowing gaze, her lips quivering with effort as she tried to hold back her excitement. "I want Mount Olympus, brother, and you're going to help me get it." 

He snorted with amusement, and downed the glass of wine. "A lofty goal, Sis, but that's not likely." 

Her smile disappeared, her eyes narrowing to half slits. "I expected more from you." 

He summoned the pitcher of wine, and filled his glass once more. "Do you honestly think dear old Dad is going to give up the throne so easily?"

"No, but that's where you come in. He owes us. Besides, we've always been his favorites." 

"Whether he owes us or not, Artemis, you'll never get him to step down." 

"Not yet, but I will. And when I do, Mount Olympus will be mine!"

Apollo tossed his head back, and laughed heartily. "So you think. There's a good many of us with an eye on Daddy's throne. You're not likely to get it, nor are any of us." 

Her nostrils flared outward with anger as she stared at her twin brother. "You owe me." 

"I'll pay up. Eventually." 

She sat up straight, staring deep into her brother's eyes. "You'll pay up now, brother dear. Zeus has been careless, and I intend to unmask him before the other gods and goddesses." 

"How, pray tell?"

A photograph materialized in thin air as she flicked her hand about. He deftly caught the glossy paper between his fingers, and examined it. 

"Who is she?"    

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~ About the Author: Lissette E. Manning ~ 

Lissette E. Manning is an author from Connecticut. She has been writing since she was six-years-old and spends most of her time trying to place her thoughts into order and giving life to the stories that are always brewing inside her head.

She enjoys reading books, listening to music, playing the occasional video game, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family. She's also a bit of a computer geek.

Her writing genres of choice are Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Short Stories, as well as Poetry. She's currently working on several projects due out sometime in the New Year, as well as finishing her NaNoWriMo project, The Corsicanth Princess.

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