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First Impression
A Shadow Maven Paranormal
by Pauline Creeden
Release Date: March 31st 2014
Publisher: Altwit Press
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Mystery
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Chira Kelly thought she didn't need anyone...until she met Ben. 

Because of one ugly rumor, Chira lives as an outcast at her school. Which is fine with her, because she works better alone. Always has, always will. And at least she has her one and only true friend, Tasha. 

When Tasha insists that they join a group to visit a possibly haunted abandoned old schoolhouse, she's wary, but joins her friend. Because of that decision, their lives are in jeopardy as a malevolent spirit targets the group. Tragedies and accidents pick them off one by one, and Chira finds herself drawn to the one person who can see the truth. But can he protect her?

First Impression is a layered mystery with the paranormal mixed in and characters I quickly became invested in. I was instantly hooked from the very beginning - there was no question I was going to love this book.    

The story began with Chira showing Ben, a new transfer to her school, around. He's mysterious and doesn't speak much in the beginning while Chira finds herself attracted to him. Sometimes in books, the less a boy speaks, the more attractive he becomes to girls. I think Chira wanted to find out what he's all about - this boy who has an owl that apparently follows him wherever he goes.    

Chira is an outcast at her school but has a loyal best friend, Tasha. Tasha is the one who comes up with the idea to meet the group of classmates at the old schoolhouse, reportedly haunted, to check it out as a possibility to hold a Halloween party there. I got the impression Tasha is a lot of fun to hang out with and probably talks Chira into going along with ideas like these often. I really loved Tasha and her family.      

There's a definite creep factor in First Impression, subtle at first, that builds up over time. I couldn't stop myself from shivering when Chira and Tasha start investigating the old schoolhouse, especially because of the creepy old piano! Plus, it's October with Halloween looming on the horizon, a creepy time of year as it is. 

First Impression was a quick read - I finished it in one sitting - and had mystery with a paranormal element, some romance, and likable characters. I only wish it had been a little longer. The next one can't come out quickly enough!  

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About the Author

In simple language, Pauline Creeden creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get bored if she pretends to be one person for too long. Pauline is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy.

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  1. Wow, First Impression sounds great, Jennifer!! The creep factor kinda seems in line with the Mara Dyer series. (have you read that?) I'll definitely add this to my tbr. :)

    I'm so sorry to have not been here much the last 2 weeks. I was 'off' for spring break and I'm having a really hard time catching up! ;) I hope all is well in your world, girl!

    1. Ooo, no, I haven't read that series yet, but I really want to! I really loved First Impression - hope you love it, too! No worries - I took time off for spring break, too, and it was wonderful! I'm STILL trying to catch up as a matter of fact, lol! :)

  2. I love the cover first off. You know there's something so dang captivating about a quiet guy. You want to be the one to inspire him to share whatever. I cracked up when you described Tasha and how she probably talks Chira into trouble and then you say you just love her! I hope you're doing well. I'm with Brandee. I'm having a hard time catching up after spring break.

    1. I do, too - the colors and everything are beautiful. I go for the quiet guys, lol. Think Daryl. A man of few words. ;) Tasha reminds me of my friend, Sarah, from high school. We still get together and still get into trouble together, lol! I'm right there with you guys - still trying to catch up on everything - reading, posting, and commenting! :)


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