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~ This Week's Topic ~
Favorite Music Albums

I'm going to try SO hard not to list every single favorite album of mine because then, we'd be here all day. These albums are ones I love at least 90% if not 110%. That should narrow it down to like fifty. If you're lucky. ;) 

Alanis Morissette
Jagged Little Pill

I remember the first time I saw the music video for "You Oughta Know." It was summer, and my freshman year of high school was about to start. I was watching MTV, you know, back when they actually played MUSIC VIDEOS. 

This album has always meant so much to me - it's gotten me through high school heartbreak, depression, the feelings of failure, teenage angst, and even now when I listen to it, I'm transported back to when things should have been easy but were complicated for a myriad of reasons. 

God, it is not easy being an adult, but it's sure as hell not easy being a teenager either. Alanis helped get me through the good times and the bad. I even had long hair just like hers. 

The Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

When the Smashing Pumpkins were touring this album, I was a sophomore in high school, and this was the first "real" concert I ever went to. Fountains of Wayne opened for them (before their song "Stacy's Mom" came along, heh heh). 

I remember the lights were turned off when it was time for the Smashing Pumpkins to come out. We were sitting in the dark, listening to a recording of the very first song of the first CD (it's a two-disc album), and my heart was about to jump out of my chest! Everyone had their lighters out 'cause it was '96 and we had no cell phones yet. ;) 

The moment they came out on stage, the lights turned on, and the music became live is a moment I'll never forget, not in a million years. It was magical, almost a religious experience. Hearing the songs I had listened to over and over again in person is something that will never get old with me.  

Green Day
American Idiot

The release of this album back in 2004 came at a time when I felt disillusioned with the political environment but felt powerless to do anything about it. This album gave me something to focus my energy on. I began to have hope for humanity again and felt empowered. 

The first Green Day album I listened to was Dookie back in '94. I was in junior high at the time, and Green Day along with Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Soundgarden transformed me into an alternative/grunge fan forever. I was never the same afterward! :D

Best of 1980 - 1990

I couldn't pick just one U2 album. Honestly I love them all! So I picked the best of but their albums that came after with songs that aren't included here are ones I love, too. Their songs are filled with passion about embracing others and the world as a whole community, and they give me hope that one day we can get there. 

Janis Joplin
Greatest Hits

Every song on here is one I love. "Cry Baby" is one I listen to a lot currently. I can't get over the sheer power of her voice! It's a tragedy she didn't make it to my age. The raw talent is almost too much to bear at times. 

As you can see, I'm a 90's & 60's kind of girl. I love a lot of music from the 70's, 80's, and 2000 & beyond as well, but the 90's and the 60's to me are where it's at. 

What albums would you choose? 


  1. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is one of my favourite albums too! I wish I could see the Smashing Pumpkins live someday, that would be amazing. And I was going to put Jagged Little Pill, American Idiot, and U2 in my post, but it was already too long >.<

    Great picks!

    Louise - Nerdette Reviews

    1. It sounds like we have very similar tastes in music! I had a difficult time trying to keep my post from becoming too long, that's for sure, lol. Thanks so much, Louise! :D

  2. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - still the coolest name to an album.

  3. We totally have the same taste in music!!! the only album I don't know is the last one :) I love meme's where you get to know the blogger behind the blog :)

    1. We're kindred spirits! That's so cool! I really think you'd love Janis - she's from the 60's. :) I do, too! So glad I found this meme! Are you thinking of joining it?


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